Ammon Idaho is located in Bonneville County. Ammon Idaho has a population of 6,187 according to the 2000 US census. Ammon is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. The most current population estimate for Ammon Idaho has the population at well over 12,000 people. Ammon Idaho is part of the Idaho Falls Metro Area.

As with many towns in Idaho Ammon was founded by members of the Mormon church. The name Ammon comes from a character in the "Book Of Mormon". Ammon officially became a town in 1905.

On the edge of Ammon is the town Of Idaho falls Idaho. Many of the residents of Ammon work withe in Idaho Falls or near Arco Idaho at the INEEL nuclear site.

The high school located in Ammon Idaho is Hillcrest High School. The high school has a student population of over 1,300 students enrolled in classes. There used to be a school in Ammon called Ammon High School but that was many years ago.

Ammon Idaho is a town that is growing rapidly and benefiting by being so close to the large city of Idaho falls. Without Idaho Falls their would be no way that Ammon Idaho could have grown so fast. The business district in Ammon Idaho derives a great deal of its profits from Idaho Falls residents who will eat and shop in Ammon Idaho.

The Mayor Of Ammon Idaho was Bruce Ard but was recently defeated. Bruce Ard has been serving as mayor of Ammon Idaho since 1988.

Ammon Idaho has its own coin. Ammon Idaho had a special commemorative coin minted to celebrate the towns centennial celebration. On the front of the coin it features the historical Ammon School and the reverse side is engraved with the Taylor Mountains.

Ammon Idaho has 7 parks. The parks are

  • Eagles Homestead Park
  • McCowan Park
  • Peterson Park
  • Target Park
  • Lions Park
  • TieBreaker Park
  • Woodland Hills Park

Woodland Hills Park is in the early planning stages so technically the city of Ammon Idaho only has 6 parks currently.

The future of Ammon Idaho will consist of trying to maintain the towns infrastructure as it continues to grow rapidly as well as building better relationships with the surrounding commutes such as Idaho Falls. Ammon Idaho will need to plan and coordinate many projects with Idaho Falls as their community is connected directly to the town in the same way Chubbuck is connected to Pocatello.