I live in Wisconsin, and many of the four wheeler trails go past little lakes. How cool would it be to drive from the trail and into the water? It would be just awesome. That's why I've considered an Argo amphibious ATV for sale or two in the past. I've scanned eBay and the classifieds sections throughout the state of Wisconsin and Minnesota looking at these things. But, so far I'm just looking. Still, I've picked up some knowledge over the years and think I can help you out if you are considering an amphibious ATV for sale. Here are some things to consider whether you're looking for a 6x6 or 8x8.

How Do I Register These Things?

Many states are going to handle this differently. You should really look into this before you consider an amphibious ATV for sale. Many states were not allowing side by side vehicles, those that seat more than one person across the front, on the standard four wheeler trails. The main reason is the width of the vehicle. Many states, including Wisconsin, are now allowing them on the trails. This was done because of the popularity of the side by side industry (Rhino, Ranger RZR, etc), but allowed the amphibious ATV riders on the trails. This made units for sale much more appealing.

Generally speaking, you will need two registrations if you plan on using the amphibious ATV for sale that you are considering to its fullest potential. Of course, you will need a regular all terrain vehicle registration for the trails. In addition, you will need a boat registration. Once you leave the trail and go on the water, you need the watercraft registration. Make sure you can register it both ways before you buy any amphibious ATV for sale that you find.

Before you make any assumptions about registrations, it's a great idea to double check. A simple stop by your local DNR office should clear up quite a few questions you have before you consider buying an amphibious ATV for sale.

6x6 or 8x8?

What a tough decision to make as you check out the amphibious ATV's for sale by Argo or other makers like Hydrotraxx or Attex. You will generally spend a little less for the 6 wheel drive version, but you will lose some leg room. Of course, different models are going to vary greatly by manufacturer. If you are looking at buying a used unit, you may not have as much room to be picky. For me, the only thing that would matter is having enough room to haul the people and gear I needed to haul, not the number of wheels. In addition, you need to realize that many of the used amphibious ATV's for sale that you will find are only going to have seating for two people. If that's sufficient for you, it will be a much cheaper way to go.

New Or Used?

It's a personal preference. These things have been around in one form or another since the early 1960's. This gives you a chance to save some money and perhaps get off relatively cheap as you consider an amphibious ATV for sale. The older units will generally have more issues. In many, the engines may not be original and they may leak in the water. You can find used models, needing repairs mind you, in the $1,000 dollar range.

Common Manufacturers

Max: You can buy an amphibious ATV for sale from Max all terrain vehicles. The coMaxmpany has several different models. Most of the new models they make are 6x6, not 8x8. You will not find any consumer units that can comfortably seat more than 4 adults. Before you buy a brand new amphibious ATV for sale, you may at least want to look at what this company has to offer. They also have a Buffalo all terrain check, which has a dump box. This makes this amphibious ATV one of the best you'll find for sale, and real trailblazer. It's newer, but is likely to catch on with farmers, ranchers, and riders alike.

Argo: This is probably the best known maker. If you are considering an amphibious ATV, look to see if yoArgo Modelu can find an Argo for sale. The company is widely recognized as a leader in the industry, and has been around for a number of years. This company has both 6 and 8 wheel drive amphibious ATV's for sale, so you have some great options to consider. Most people, even those not into this type of thing, will recognize the Argo name, which can really help you out with resale, should you decide to get to put your own amphibious ATV up for sale down the road.

Gibbs: Before you buy any new amphibious ATV for sale, be sure to check out the Gibbs Technology lineup. They sell cars and trucks, not just little all terrain vehicles that can Gibbsgo on land and water. When you see the Army style Jeep that comes out of the water and drives on the land in the movies, there's a good chance it's made by Gibbs. These are sort of like the old Army Ducks, but can move at speeds fast enough for waterskiing on the water, up to 60 miles per hour, and drag racing on the land. It's a cool version of amphibious ATV's that you want to check out. There are many for sale out there, so you just may get lucky and find one.

Hydro Traxx: They have several models and have some really cool upgrades, including roll cages. They seem to have a decent following, although they are nowhere near as popular as Argo or some of the others. Still, if you are looking to buy an amphibious ATV for sale, this company is worth checking out. The prices are moderate from what I've seen.

Amphicat: Okay, this one is more like a skid steer than a consumer grade amphibious ATV for a while, but they are so cool. Unfortunately, if you find one for sale, it won't be cheap, even if well used. These haven't been made since the 70's, but they are still super neat. Luckily there are some used types that fit the bill for the average rider.