AWF: A Continuation of AJW's Life Work

It is often difficult for casual observers to easily and perfectly grasp the absolute continuity between the extraordinarily celebrated life of Amy Jade Winehouse and the establishment of the staid and conservative charitable foundation that now bears the name of the singer, songwriter, and fashion designer. But, those who love AJW find neither mystery nor contradiction in the pairing of the musical legend and the world class philanthropic legacy that is now being constructed in her memory. In fact, the contradiction would only be present if the Amy Winehouse Foundation had not been established.

Though Popworld repeatedly noted her as the "Most Charitable Act," AJW followed the firm maxims of all higher-power notions and was never flamboyant in her charitable activities. Her immutable decency gene steered her extreme generosity in virtual public silence. As her compassionate heart spawned extravagant charity, her stern conscience demanded that it do so in humble and private quietude.

Wags inside of the philanthropic community have been challenged to find worthy causes that AJW refused to help; such declinations simply never happened. The "soft touch woman" was at the top of the "ask 'em lists" of scores of fundraisers precisely because she would always note, "Whatever you need, just lemme know."

When friends and associates would praise her charitable conduct, AJW routinely met their comments with "intnuffin." When 20th century philosopher Simone de Beauvoir wrote, "You give your all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing; that is true generosity," she could have been referring to AJW. The megastar's frequent lament and promise to those closest to her was, "I must help more, and I will."

A Few Charities Supported By Amy Jade Winehouse

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AWF: The AJW Beat Goes On

AJW now belongs to the ages, and there is no movement afoot to exalt the superstar beyond what she was when she stood among us. Neither kind nor harsh words any longer matter to the JadeMermaid Princess. It is merely important for history to correctly note and well remember that AJW was very much more than just an artistic genius with a terminal disease.

AJW was, most importantly, a kind and decent human who knew that the best way to remain in touch with her own humanity was to touch as many humans in need as she possibly could. AJW well succeeded in that regard, and the Amy Winehouse Foundation will now provide the perfect continuity to that success for many decades to come.