An above ground sprinkler system may not be the best way to water your lawn; however, it is an inexpensive landscaping system, easy to install, and can be easily removed once the summer months are over! Above all, these sprinklers can be hooked up to the outdoor hose faucet that you connect your portable sprinklers to!

I consider sprinklers that sit above the ground to be the most ideal way to water your lawn and garden because they get the job done in the same way that in-ground sprinklers do, but are MUCH easier to install. This article is not geared towards pitching you the idea of buying these sprinklers; however, it is designed to open your eyes to the idea of watering your lawn using an above ground sprinkler system.

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These Sprinklers Sit Above The Ground-Set Your Lawn Mower’s Base To A Higher Setting

The last thing that you want to do when you are mowing the lawn is run over a semi-expensive piece of landscaping equipment and destroy it with the spinning blades! The simple fact of the matter is that above-ground sprinklers sit a few inches overtop of the ground, so you should be sure to set your lawn mower’s blade a few inches higher!

The majority of the lawn mowers that are sold at hardware stores have a lever on each of the 4 wheels that allows you to raise or lower the baseQuick Snap Pop Up Adjustable SprinklerCredit: of the machine! I would recommend adjusting the wheels to the highest possible setting because it will nearly guarantee that you do not hit and destroy any of the sprinklers with the blades! An above ground sprinkler system will only cost you about $100, so hitting one of the sprinklers with the lawn mower will not break your bank account; however, they play an important role in your home’s landscaping, so you should try your hardest to keep them intact!

Hose Faucet Sprinkler System Can Be Automatic!

That’s right, you have heard correctly! You can automate the process of watering your grass just as much on a hose faucet sprinkler system as you can on in ground sprinklers! Head on over to any hardware store, and ask the sales representative to direct you to the garden hose seQuick Snap 5 Inch Pop Up SprinklersCredit: Amazon.comction. Take a look through the section and you will find a hose faucet timer! Since the majority of the above ground sprinklers connect to your backyard’s hose faucet, you can automate the process with one of these timers!

A hose faucet timer is one of the most crucial garden accessories that you can buy! Landscaping your home can be a tedious task, so you should try to eliminate and automate as many of the repetitive tasks as you can!

Installing Above The Ground Sprinklers Will Not Cause You To Ruin Your Lawn!

Have you spent a summer watering, seeding, and mowing your lawn, and then thought about installing an in-ground sprinkler system? In order to do so, you will have to destroy your the well-manicured lawn that you have worked all summer to achieve!

One of the best options when it comes to installing sprinklers and keeping your lawn in its current condition is a set of above ground sprinklers! They are some of the most non-intrusive pieces of landscaping equipment that you can get your hands on. All that you must do to install them is dig a small hole in your lawn for each sprinkler, and place them inside.

Be sure to check out the sprinkler systems on Amazon being sold at low prices...They are perfect for watering your lawn! To top it off, some are being discounted at up to 60% off of their original price!

A Hose Faucet Manifold Will Allow You To Connect An Additional Hose To Water Your FlowersGilmour 4 Way Hose ConnectorCredit:

I believe that watering your flowers is just as important as watering your lawn; however, many people choose to do one or the other because they only have one hose faucet. In the case of these sprinkler, their hose faucet is connected to the above ground sprinklers that they have installed in their backyard.

A hose faucet manifold will allow the home owner to connect two hoses to the faucet! This means that one of the hoses can be connected to the sprinkler system that you have installed in your backyard, and the other hose can be connected to a portable lawn sprinkler that will be used to water all of your flower beds!

There are 3 different sprinkler systems that you can use to water your lawn and garden: portable sprinklers, in-ground sprinklers, and above-ground sprinklers! Each of these landscaping tools has their benefits; however, you should choose the one that fits your home’s landscaping in the best way. A above ground sprinkler system is an amazing tool for watering your lawn, and should be considered if you like an easy-to-remove landscaping tool that will automate some of the lawn maintenance tasks!