Briefcases for men have men in use since the 14th century when they were used to carry gold and other valuables. Lawyers began carrying briefs in them and they soon became commonly known as "briefcases". As an accessory they speak loudly and elegantly. When you see a man with a quality briefcase you know he's important and powerful. You know he must be a successful businessman and should be treated respectfully.

An accessory that projects that kind of an image should be priceless, but the modern briefcase is not only used for many other things besides holding briefs, it is also very affordable. Some of the other things men use a briefcase for today are obviously the many and varied important papers necessary in their businesses. They are also used to carry personal computers, phones, cameras, and portfolios as well as a variety of other important items. The price of these briefcases for men varies depending on the size, quality, and the amount of protection if provides. Prices range from under $100 to over $350. A gusset is the compartment inside a briefcase. Today's cases offer anywhere from the wide gusset, that can be used for books and things, to the single, double, triple and all the way up to the quadruple gusset, which is admittedly rare but works great when traveling. They also come in the standard size, small to medium, large and extra large. The quality and protection available often depends on the material the case is made of. The cases made of canvas are obviously not as strong as the ones made of scratch resistant leather. There are briefcases made from many different kinds of American, Italian and even German leather. Some of the leather is scratch proof but some is not. Some briefcases only offer a zipper as protection. Some have key locks and others even offer combination locks. Carrying a quality briefcase speaks volumes but sometimes carrying one is not an option.

Today's businessman often has his hands full with his iphone talking to a client or even checking his email. As a result briefcase manufacturers now make briefcases for men that can be carried by the handles or over the shoulder. They even make a model that has an extension handle and wheels that can roll along the ground as you go. If you are looking for a way to stand out in the company you work for, or you want clients to know you mean business a quality briefcase can speak for you. The best place to shop is online. You will be able to see a wider variety of products than most stores carry and every detail of the briefcase is explained. They also offer great deals periodically on the cases and shipping. Engraving is available and can personalize your case and add an elegant touch. For an a-typical briefcase style, try a Tokidoki bag.