The world is turning towards herbal therapies for the treatment of a host of ailments and acne is no exception. The reasons for this switch in user preference are many. Herbal medications are considered safe, effective with zero side effects and most importantly do not burn a hole in your wallet. Acne Herbal Cure comes with a lot of options in terms of ingredients and formulations, many of which can either be used on its own or in conjunction with any prescription acne medicine that you might be taking.

You have a choice of pills, topical creams and ointments as well as special teas if you are considering Acne Herbal Cures. Essentially this type of therapy is holistic by nature in the sense that it not only handles the condition from outside but also corrects the malfunctioning of many internal organs and hormonal imbalances which could be at the root of the acne condition. Here are some of the time-tested ingredients for herbal cure acne:

  • Tea Tree Oil mixed with Bee Propolis, Essential Oils of Peppermint and Clove has provided effective relief for many acne patients over time. The mixture is meant for topical application in the acne-affected areas. Equipped with powerful anti fungal and antibiotic properties, this potent mixture can counteract any acne bacterial invasion effectively. Vitamin E, burdock, and strawberry leaves are some of the other ingredients used in formulations for topical use for Acne Herbal Cures.
  • In case you are suffering from teen or menopausal acne, caused by hormonal imbalances, there are several types of herbs and natural plant extracts which can be part of your herbal cure acne program. Since most of these herbs handle the acne condition from within, it is always better to seek an expert opinion on the ingredients used in these herbal pills.
  • No acne cure is complete without proper and regular cleansing of the skin to open up blocked skin pores and remove dead skin that prevent the skin pores from breathing. The best part about herbal cure acne is that all the skin cleansing soaps and other products belonging to this category are made from natural plant extracts and herbs which have gentle and mild skin cleansing properties. These herbal products not only cleanse but also soothe irritation and inflammation caused by acne.
  • You might not have heard about this tip in any program dealing with acne cure, but water and a well-balanced diet have invaluable benefits in the treatment of acne. Wrong or poor food choices can trigger an acne breakout or even aggravate an existing condition. Make it a routine to include 5 to 6 liters of water daily coupled with a diet rich in fruits and boiled vegetables. Say no to fried and oily foods. Remember an Acne Herbal Cure includes body cleansing from inside too and there is no other alternative better than water to remove various toxins and blood contaminants from the body.