Arm Toning

Are you fed up with having to hide your arms with loose tops that you don't like wearing? Are you fed up with having to live with flabby arms?

If so, read on because in this article I am going to show you how to tone your arms once and for all. If you take action here, you should be able to wear any sleeveless dress you like!

The fact is that, covering up your arms means having to wear loose and baggy tops that are not necessarily the best clothes for you. There is simply no easy way to hide arms you aren't proud of.

And I bet you would rather have the option of wearing whatever you like without fear of embarrassment.

What Got You Here?

Before you implement an action plan, you will be better served if you fully understand the root cause of the issue. Basically, most women suffer from flabby arms because of a combination of two factors: too much arm flab and too little arm muscle. 

If you are at a normal weight, but lack arm tone then the biggest contributing factor will be a lack of lean muscle. On the other hand, if you are overweight then the biggest contributing factor will be excess arm fat. 

Either way, no matter which category you fall in, you will be best served attacking both issues at once. To do this you need specialized exercise and specialized nutrition. Both of these are necessary if you are learning how to tone your arms.

How To Exercise

Cardio and weight lifting will be the two main types of exercise to consider.

You will be best served sticking with weight-lifting if you only have a couple weeks to dedicate to your goal. You see, weight-lifting will burn the greatest amount of calories per unit of time invested.

However, if you have more than a couple of hours go ahead and combine weight lifting with cardio. This combo will get you the fastest results.

What if you only have time for resistance training, but want the health benefits of cardiovascular exercise? Well, in this case you could do a type of resistance training called circuit training which will give you all the cardiovascular benefits you need. Just make sure you are using challenging weights if you take this approach. 

Training With Weights

To notice the biggest change, you will need to do exercises for your entire body and exercises for directly toning your arms. If you only do total body exercises, or if you only do arm exercises you will not get the best results. Doing both will be the best option.

In this mini-guide, you will learn about specific exercises for directly toning your arms and their surrounding muscles. 

Now direct arm sculpting can be a little more complicated than one suspects. You see, your triceps and shoulders have three major muscle areas, and your biceps have two major muscle areas. 

To target all these muscles you can do the following three exercises: overhead dumbbell presses with an underhand grip, overhead dumbbell extensions and dumbbell curls. 

Because each exercise is targeting a different muscle you should do one after the other, in circuit fashion, without any rest in between. If you are a beginner, start off doing fifteen repetitions for each and once you finish the circuit, rest for ninety seconds. Then, repeat the circuit two more times.

Suppose this circuit is too easy for you. Or suppose that it becomes too easy for you over time. Well, you can switch things up to increase its difficulty so that you do not plateau. For instance, you could use heavier weights, you could do more circuits, you could rest less in between circuits, etc. The key here is to keep everything challenging.

Cardio Work

The biggest danger with cardio is that it can interfere with recovery from your weight training. Your body can only handle so much at once. So it's best to do a combination of high intensity, medium intensity and low intensity cardio. Don't just do high intensity cardio all the time. 

You will have to experiment a little here to find the right combination of cardio that works best for your entire body. Just remember to always do your weight lifting before cardio. 

There are lots of different kinds of cardio you can choose. For the most part, you will be better off doing things that distribute loads across your entire body. And remember to keep your cardio training under 45 minutes so you do not cause too much wear and tear. 

How To Eat

It's extremely easy to get caught up with all of the different diets on the market. All the different choices can overwhelm you. However, you only have to lower your blood glucose and establish a negative caloric deficit. You will tone your arms if you do both of these.

To keep your blood glucose low, assemble your meals from the following four categories: carbohydrates, protein, fat and veggies. If you find that your arm toning is too slow, reduce your carbohydrate intake on the days you aren't resistance training. 

To restrict how many calories you eat practice portion control. The sweet spot is when you feel just a little hungry, but aren't ravenous. This is sustainable and will put you in the weight-loss zone. 

Well, there are no more excuses here. You now know what it takes to tone your arms. All information is useless unless you act upon it. So take action!