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The One Night Stand

My first and only one night stand

So here's a little story about how my husband picked me up at a bar. Yeah, that's right I said I met my husband in a bar, don't judge me.

Trust me you wouldn't have been able to resist either.

I was out on the town with the girls one night with absolutely no intentions of going home with a guy. I was just going to have some fun! You know drink a little, dance a little, act stupid and try not to wake up in the morning regretting everything I did.

Well that was the game plan anyways, until...

The setting

It was karaoke night and I was just letting loose, at one point my girlfriends and I were the Spice Girls. Yeah tell me what you want, what you really really want. (It's pathetic I know) It turns out that song is a complete turn on to some men, what isn't.

So after we were done acting like fools, we decided to sit back and watch others act like fools. Then this guy gets up on stage and dedicates a country song by Alan Jackson to his 3rd grade girlfriend because she "made the 3rd grade awesome".

I was hooked right then, I just hadn't realized it yet. There's something about a guy who has no problem singing in front of other people and at the same time he's comfortable enough to reference his 3rd grade girlfriend.

While he was singing the song he made eye contact with me at a certain point in the song and it had me wondering if he was as into me as I was him. It turned out he was and after he received his standing applause he came right to the table my girlfriends and I were sitting at.


Confidence: Yeah, we are attracted to it.

There are always some cocky guys at the bar who have no problem approaching you and acting like they're God's gift to women, but this guy was different. He was sure of himself, but not in an annoying way. After he sat down it was like my friends didn't exist anymore so they eventually left me alone with him.

We had some small talk and I was really liking this guy. Then it happened...

Our conversation ran into a brick wall

That awkward feeling of not knowing what the hell to say was creeping up on us and this is where he used "the trick" on me. I know this now because he has since told me that it was all part of his "game".

He started pointing out guys in the bar and asking me if I would date them. At first I wasn't really receptive to his little game, but he had a way of easing me into it. He would point at a guy and ask me if I would go home with him if he asked me to. I eventually started answering and it was kind of sexy.

This was all part of his little trick.

And his little game worked for him

It wasn't long I realized that I was really into this guy, and although it was completely out of my character; I strongly considered asking him to come to my place.

I didn't, it turned out he had the same thing in mind (imagine that).

Did I already mention that this was completely out of my character?

Seriously I had never went home with a strange man until that night. There was just something about this guy. The way he ended up asking me to go home with him was pretty impressive and as cheesy as it sounds, it worked on me.

He pointed to an obvious "jock" guy and asked me the same thing he had been asking me. "Would you go home with him?"

Just to see what he would say I said yes and here is where his little trick paid off for him.

He said, "So you're into jocks huh?"

I said, "Yeah, I like guys who are in shape."

He said, "You know I was the starting quaterback in high school, I think I still have my old jersey." "You want to come check it out."

I had already decided that I was probably going to be staying at his house for the evening and when he gave me the opportunity I was on board.

Despite all of the snickering and bad looks I received from my friends, we were in a cab and off to his house to check out his jersey. We ended up getting married about a year later and I'm still happily married 6 years later to the guy who picked me up in a bar.

He eventually explained his pick up technique to me

I'm sure all couples talk about their first night repeatedly, it turns out he actually remembers ours fairly well. Yeah, he ran his little game on me and explained to me why it worked.

He showed me his confidence in himself with the song and continued to show me this confidence when he started making me think about being with other men.

What kind of guy wants you to think of being with other men, when he's interested in you?

I now know why he did this. You see he was wanting me to start relating him to sex because I was having this conversation about guys I would sleep with, with him. It also gave him the opportunity to find out what kind of guys I was attracted to and he could be a little more "sexual" because he was talking about other guys and not himself.

Yeah it was the perfect storm and the perfect pick up move. It worked like I never thought any pick up move would work on me.

So to all of you guys who think there's never any way you could get a woman to go home with you. There's actually a way to pull it off.

You want a one night stand with a strange woman?

You want to know the perfect pick up strategy?

Well here it is. It worked perfectly for him.

There is still one question I have not been able to get him to answer truthfully, I think...

Was I the only girl you ever used this on?

He tells me no and I don't press too hard, but hell I couldn't be mad at him if he used it on other women.

It was a pretty good move





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