A cheap ear gauges store can offer a tremendous variety of products at surprisingly affordable prices. Ear gauges make a definitive style statement, but time and patience are required to cultivate the look. With the information provided by a store that specializes in plugs and gauges, it’s possible for anyone to achieve a daring look that is far from ordinary.

What Is Ear Gauging?

The decorative art of ear stretching has been practiced by ancient cultures for centuries. In more recent years the practice has become more common in the United States and other western nations. In many of society’s circles, stretching is still seen as a rebellious statement made by counter-culture youths. That is certainly true to some extent, but it is becoming increasingly common to see people in many walks of life with stretched lobes.

The gauging process begins with a traditional piercing that is then stretched over time. Months, and sometimes even years, are required to stretch the hole in the lobe to the desired size. Most experts recommend waiting about seven weeks before stepping up to the next gauge size. They also state that it is not wise to skip gauge sizes in an effort to rush the stretching process. Doing so can cause permanent damage to the lobe. It’s usually best to hire a professional to complete the stretching process. However, some people are knowledgeable and careful enough to complete the project on their own.

Where to Buy Ear Gauges or Other Body Jewelry for Cheap

Body Jewelry Source

This website is a comprehensive resource for people who are already in the stretching process and for those who are interested in beginning it. Products offered at this website include taper sets and kits for people who want to complete the stretching process on their own. Some sets are inexpensively priced at under $10, while more deluxe, stainless steel kits may cost closer to $30.

A wide range of gauges and plugs are also available in this website. Many cost less than five dollars, and they are available in different materials. Glass, bone, acrylic, stainless steel and mother of pearl are all included in the selections. It’s also possible to browse by size and color. Many of the products advertised feature a single or double flare, but there are also several options that do not have a flare.

Website users may join Body Jewelry Source to take advantage of a points system that can get them free merchandise. A Beginners Guide to Ear Stretching is also available on the site, making it easy for those new to the art to become acquainted with the process.


Spencer’s retail stores are a familiar sight for anyone who frequently visits American malls. This retailer offers ear gauges both in their stores and on their website. They sell a good variety of jewelry, and also feature helpful accessories like taper sets and a cleansing spray designed specifically for piercings. Spencer’s is known for the edgy and innovative jewelry styles it carries. Many of the products on their website are designed to bring color and sparkle to the wearer’s lobes. Despite the impressive selection of products, the store nonetheless manages to keep their prices affordable. Since it offers shoppers the choice to shop online or in one of their stores, this is also a singularly convenient choice.

Body Candy Body Jewelry

This website boasts an astonishingly large collection of jewelry that ranges from the sweet to the fantastic. They even feature a $1.99 section for extreme bargain hunters. Their collection of plugs is impressive. Collections that highlight the flags of the world, organic materials and horn plugs with innovative flame motifs are hugely popular. This website also hosts an original choice: the personalized plug. Names, initials and even photographs can be displayed on a customized plug to create a truly unique piece of jewelry. It’s even possible to find so-called cheater plugs here. These are earrings that give the look of having a stretched lobe without the wearer actually having to go through the process. This provides customers with a unique opportunity to try out a new look without committing to actually stretching their lobes. Body Candy Body Jewelry is also an economic choice because they offer free worldwide shipping on any orders of at least $19.99.

Intrepid Jewelry

This is another website that specializes in body jewelry. They feature a fantastic collection of unusual plugs and gauges. Some are formed from semi-precious stones. Others are carved from animal bones. Some of the most popular choices here are carved from ebony wood and feature a double flare. These unusual eyelets have intricate designs carved out of their centers. The price on these plugs is remarkably small, especially considering the degree of craftsmanship that goes into each piece. These plugs also have the advantage of being certified 100% vegan, an important consideration for many people who stretch their ears. The website’s logo includes the phrase “For those who are fearless,” and that seems to be an apt sentiment for this destination that is filled with unique and unusual objects.

Omerica Organic

Another website with a strong dedication to a green business approach, this website specializes in natural manufacturing of organic products. Most plugs featured here are made from wood. Many of them simply showcase the natural beauty of the wood, but other styles feature cubic zirconia and other stones in a wide range of assorted colors. It’s possible to pick up these unique products on the company website. However, these beautiful plugs are also available at various retailers throughout the country and around the world.

Finding a cheap ear gauges store is the first step in a long process. Stretching the lobes is an extreme style statement that should not be entered into lightly. A great deal of dedication and discipline is required to achieve the desired gauge size, and it’s important to be patient while the process is being completed. The stores and websites featured here mainly sell plugs made from organic materials or from manmade materials that resist the presence of bacteria. Using gauges formed from these materials can help ensure healthy lobes for a lifetime. With the astounding variety of colors, sizes and materials found at these locations, anyone can add meaningfully to their collection of body jewelry. The affordable prices and free shipping options are additional inducements to shop with these trusted retailers.