Here is an Easy and Fun Girl Scout Craft to Do With Your Troop

Here are the step-by-step directions of how I did this with my girls

All Girl Scout leaders need to fall back on is an easy craft for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors. Sometimes you have to step away from earning Daisy petals, Brownie Try Its, and Junior badges (and yes, even the Journeys program) and just have a meeting that focuses on seasonal fun.

This easy Girl Scout craft is one that I did with my Brownie troop for our very first meeting of the year. As you can see in the photographs, we used wooden pumpkins purchased at the craft store. You can easily do this craft for any holiday or season – Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Winter, Valentine’s Day, and for all the Spring holidays.

Depending on the age of your troop, the amount of help you need for this easy Girl Scout craft will vary. For Daisy Scouts, I recommend not doing this if your entire troop are kindergartners. If your troop consists of all or mostly first-graders, you should have at least one helper for every three girls. For second and third grade Brownies, you can up the ratio for one adult for every four girls. Fourth and fifth grade juniors are very independent, so depending on the size of your troop, you may not need any additional help at all.

I had eleven children at my meeting and three adults–my co-leader, a parent volunteer, and myself. This activity was enjoyed by all, and for early finishers I had a Halloween word search ready for them to do.

Older girls are probably familiar with decoupage, while younger ones might need a sample for them to visualize the finished product. Always be sure to do the project ahead of time to work out any kinks or problems you may encounter. The last thing you want to do is realize that something does not work in the middle of your Girl Scout craft.

Here are the materials you need to buy for this easy decoupage activity.

Wooden seasonal cutouts

Foam brushes – one for each girl

Scrapbook paper for the seasonal theme, at least one sheet per girl (make sure it is NOT the heavy cardstock kind or it will not adhere)

One bottle of Mod Podge

Paper bowls

Newspaper to cover the table

Scissors – straight edged or fancy

Paper plate

Sharpie marker

Wooden cutouts for easy Girl Scout craftCredit: photo by mommymommymommy

Have all of the tables covered with newspaper and make sure the girls roll up their sleeves. Give each girl her own cutout and a foam brush. Depending on the age of your troop, you may want to put their name on the back of the wooden piece as part of your pre-meeting prep work. Otherwise the girls can put it on themselves when they get their own in shape.

Mod Podge, foam brush and paper bowls are need for this easy Girl Scout craftCredit: phto by mommymommymommy

For every two girls, pour the Mod Podge in a paper bowl for them to share. Because the craft store did not have enough of the same piece of scrapbook paper, the girls had to decide how they were going to share this six pieces of Halloween paper I had purchased and the other six pieces of paper that were orange and white. Because my girls are third-graders, they were able to figure out how to use the paper in a fair and equal way.

materials for easy Girl Scout craftCredit: photo by mommymommymommy

The girls cut out different shapes of paper and brushed them on to their pumpkins with the much podge. I told them to save their scraps because those would be used to fill the gaps as they were finishing their projects.

Easy Girl Scout activity all completeCredit: photo by mommymommymommy

When the girls were done with the final overcoat of Mod Podge on all of the glued on pieces, they put their finished pumpkins on paper plates so they were able to easily carry them to their parent’s car. Because the pumpkins came with a plastic loop, I had the girls keep it on so they can hang it up in their home.

This easy Girl Scout projectfor Daisies, Brownies and Juniors will look different from each other depending on their age level. We made sure to take plenty of pictures for our perpetual Girl Scout scrapbook. My troop enjoyed making these pumpkins and it was a great way start the year together.

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