Traditional style decorating is elegant but still easy to live with. It's the perfect style for anyone who doesn't want an outrageous room. You might just not want to invest a lot of money in items that are constantly becoming dated. Here are a few decor tips for traditional style

Go with Queen Anne style furniture any room from the dining room to the bedroom. Real wood furniture is a staple of this design style. For a really classic finish find a cherry or dark wood finish. It's elegant but that doesn't mean that it has to be fussy. You might find these pieces at thrift shops and they need a little refinishing. This is the perfect opportunity to put your own stamp on things while creating a classic space. If the wood can't be restrained then try painting it a sleek brown to mimic the original tone, or black for a slightly modern air. If you want a more feminine touch then go with white.

You can give your existing furniture and decor more of a traditional feeling just by changing up the fabrics on curtains, pillows and ottomans. These kinds of fabrics can go in several different design directions. For a country or beach feel then try a classic stripe or check. If you want more of a formal look then find a fabric with sheen and texture to it such as velvet or faux silk. Adding a trim like fringe or tassel around a pillow will give it more of a formal look and you can use the same trim as a curtain tie back for a cohesive design style.

The colors you use in these rooms can either be soothing, formal or traditional. It's just a matter of finding a shade that isn't too in your face. For instance a deep brick red could work in a classic dining room, but a tomato red would be too bright and modern. It doesn't matter what color you go with as long as you pair it with a lot of rich wood tones. All of the wood tones in this style should be the same so pick one that you can live with for a long time.

Picking this style in a kitchen or bathroom can save you a lot of money. The end result will be an enduring style so you won't have to worry about expensive renovations. In a kitchen this amounts to having stone countertops and white cabinets. In a bathroom focus in on white tile whether it's ceramic or natural stone. You can always add in your personality through paint colors, and artwork. This allows you to put your own stamp on this decorating theme.

Then you can recover the seat cushions which whatever fabrics work best for you. They should be somewhat formal but that doesn't mean that have to be hard to clean. Try a microfiber for a simple touch that will be able to withstand your kids.

Traditional style decorating doesn't have to be boring. You can create spaces that are comfortable for everyday living and still have your personality in mind.