Various Solutions

As a business oControlling Energy Costswner, you have doubtless considered various cost-saving solutions. For instance, you have probably thought about solar power, renewable sources of heating, or replacing your machinery -- if you use it -- with more energy-efficient units. If lighting has crossed your mind at all, you may well have dismissed the idea. Like most people, you may assume that leaving a light on all night uses up very little energy, and changing your lighting is not worth the effort.

Lots Of Light Needed

However, what you need to remember is that most business premises, even quite small ones, use a great deal more lighting than an ordinary home. This applies whatever type of business you are running. Office premises must provide workers with good quality lighting, and plenty of it, to ensure that they can work accurately and avoid damaging their eyesight. Retail premises and factory showrooms need to keep bright lighting on round the clock, to display their products to the best advantage. Hotels have to be welcoming to visitors all round the clock, and restaurants are very dependent on their lighting for their ambience and atmosphere. Plus, of course, in this day and age, most businesses need to keep some sort of lighting on all night for security. So you can see how the kilowatts can quickly add up.

Major Advances In Lighting

On the other hand, you may not have realised what major advances there have been in commercial lighting technology over the last couple of decades. If the lighting in your business premises is more than 20 years old, you may be wasting an incredible amount simply by using an old-fashioned system. For instance, by using LED lighting, in conjunction with control sensors, you can ensure that exactly the right amount of light is emitted for the task that is being performed -- no more and no less. Not only can LED lights reduce your energy usage by up to 90 per cent, but their lifespan is much longer than that of traditional bulbs. This means that you will never be left in the dark, and you will make big savings on replacements as well as energy usage.

Take Control

No matter which kind of business you run, it would be a good idea to call on a commercial electrician to carry out a simple survey of your premises, to assess your lighting needs. Today's new technology will enable you to take control of your energy expenditure to a greater degree than you ever thought possible. What is more, you can gain credibility with your environmentally conscious customers as a truly eco-friendly business.