If you are planning on putting your home up for sale most realtors recommend that you paint and carpet the inside of the house.  They also recommend removing half of your furniture to make the space look roomier, but they don’t always speak about the way your surrounding fence looks from the road.

This is by far one of the most inexpensive and impactful ways to add dollars to your selling price.  Potential buyers are out looking to close on their new home in the summer months.  And they are visiting homes just about every Sunday.  They will surely be walking the property both inside and out.  Almost every one of them will travel through the gate leading from your front yard to the back.

You may only get one chance to land that buyer and the condition of your fence just may be the deciding factor.  If your fence is made of wood, metal, vinyl or even chain link, the condition of the fence is going to affect the appeal to the buyer.  They may forget the granite counters, trey ceilings, and hardwood floors because they were turned off by the broken latch on the gate entering the back yard area.

Why leave something as easy to restore as this to chance?  Making small repairs or adding some new fence post caps will easily rejuvenate a weathered or otherwise damaged look.

Easy repairs like repainting or staining will cost very little in supplies and maybe a Saturday afternoon, but they may add as much as two or three thousand dollars to the offer that you get.

Vinyl fencing may only be in need of cleaning the black scuff marks where the lawnmower wheels rubbed during grass cutting.  Wrought iron rust spots can be concealed with a can of high quality spray paint.  Wooden privacy fencing may need a four dollar picket replaced.  These small tasks measure innumerable when compared to generating offers during the current down market in home sales.

As mentioned before, one of the most dramatic impacts you can make is to add fence post caps to your fencing or replace the damaged ones as usually found on vinyl fencing.  These caps come in a wide variety of styles, material, and functions.  There are standard vinyl gothic caps, copper pyramid caps for wood fencing, and even solar fence post caps that add ambient light for atmosphere and security.

Nearly all of the styles mentioned above can be located at reasonable pricing.  Adding just two fence post caps to the gate entry way could mean the difference in you moving or stressing two mortgage payments.  Take this advice to spruce up your surrounding fence enclosure and get that house sold this summer.

Fence Post Caps