It's natural to turn to other consumers for assistance in making decisions to purchase things. In the case of Amazon, that group of people is other book lovers. In the case of massage and bodywork offerings, that community is other bodywork customers.

Searchers aren't going to feel confident that a massage business will provide unbiased suggestions on their site. They're not stupid. So they rely on other clients for the the real scoop. They know that buyers who have used the business services before will gladly share their blatantly frank feelings about companies they've purchased from and will tell the whole truth.

There are review sites all over the web.

Let's bring your attention to a particular sort of review web site: The 'map site'. There are three in particular we should consider. StatsCan, the government branch responsible for census data in Canada, recently reported (2009) that 52% of Canadians engage in online window shopping. It's likely that consumers in around the world behave in the same way.

The search engines know this and have put a lot of money into indexing and ranking local businesses. So if you went into Google and typed in a phrase like 'massage Atlanta' into Google, for example, and you will get a results page with local business listed. Do a search for a local service right now. You can see how the results for local businesses are tied directly into Google's map functionality. Bing and Yahoo have followed suit.
You can plainly see that these listings are given special prominence on the search results page. This is ideal for you as it gives you the fighting chance to show up high in the search results. It's amazingly easy to show up in these local business results. You have the chance to get found right at the top of the listings even if your website has never seen a first page listing in its entire virtual life.

And it may not take long to get found in those local searchlistings.

Your company name appears and is hyperlinked to your website. You can see that the phone number is likely displayed beside your website URL. And what's really important is the links to reviews for that business. Searchers want to know what others have to say about your business, so they click to read reviews right away.

Take a look for yourself. Type 'massage [your city]' or 'restaurants [your city]' and see what comes up in the search results. Click the reviews link and you are shown a Google Places listing. This listing contains information that Google has found throughout the web. If you scroll down the Google Places listing a little you'll discover customer reviews.
Be sure to claim that listing following the instructions Google gives you and if you do, you can edit it, correct any mistakes and beef up the information to get potential customers to book an appointment.

Fill out the business details thoroughly in the listing to get people's attention. The reviews on the page are invaluable for strengthening your credibility and you can certainly do a little work to ensure that those reviews reflect positively on you and your business.