How to Make Scented Christmas Decorations

Use this eco friendly cinnamon ornament recipe to make some delightfully scented Christmas ornaments. They are attractive, and they will add the wonderful scent of holiday baking to your home. They are eco friendly, because they are made from kitchen ingredients, and not from a whole list of unknown chemicals. Even though these scented Christmas ornaments, made from this cinnamon ornament recipe, are made from kitchen ingredients, they are not safe to eat! So, use caution when decorating with them, and explain to everyone that they are decorations, and not food.

Gather the ingredients to make this cinnamon ornament recipe:

¾ cup cinnamon

1 tablespoon allspice

2 tablespoon Cloves

1 tablespoon nutmeg

1 cup applesauce

Let’s Make the Scented Ornament Recipe

Measure the applesauce into a medium size, glass bowl.

Next, measure the spices, and add them to the applesauce in the bowl.

Using a large spoon, mix all the ingredients together. If the mixture is too dry, add just a little bit of extra applesauce. Or, if it’s too moist, add more of the spices. The mixture should be almost the consistency of play dough.

Form it into a ball. Then, place the ball on a sheet of wax paper, that has been laid over a piece of Reynolds wrap, and using a rolling pin, roll the dough out to a ¼ inch thickness. If the cinnamon ornament recipe mixture is too sticky, sprinkle on some more of the spices.

Using cookie cutters cut out as many different ornaments as you can. Cookie cutters, with a design embossed, or engraved, into the underside of the cutter, work nice for this project.

Any dough that surrounds the cut out ornaments can be picked up, placed on another sheet of wax paper, and rolled out again, to make more decorations.

Next, make a hole in the top of each decoration, so it can be hung. Try using a straw to punch the hole, so it will be big enough for a narrow ribbon to be threaded through.

Leave the scented Christmas ornaments, made using this cinnamon ornament recipe, on the wax paper and the Reynolds wrap, and slide them onto a cookie sheet, for them to air dry. Drying will take approximately 4 to 6 days. When dry, gently thread a narrow piece of ribbon through the hole, and tie a loose single knot at the top. Next, lay an empty paper towel cardboard roll on top of the decoration, bring the ribbon over the roll, and tie another knot, with a pretty bow. Slide the paper towel roll out of the ribbon, and you have a space to use to hang your creation from the tree.

In Closing

A fun thing to do is to place one of these scented Christmas ornaments, made with this cinnamon ornament recipe, on each gift for decoration. The gift recipient can then hang it on their tree, and it will add a wonderful homey aroma to their home, too. These little scented Christmas decorations can be hung on cabinet doors, door handles, placed in the car (Do not hang them from the rearview mirror, since it might block your vision.), and just about anywhere you would like to add a little scent of the season.

Purchase the ingredients for the cinnamon ornament recipe, and make this a family craft project. I purchased the spices for the cinnamon ornament recipe from my local Dollar Store for $1 each.