Sexual harassment is one of the most controversial types of labor law violation today. Most often than not, these types of violation are very difficult to prove. Before a harassment victim can sue the harasser, the victim should first provide enough details and proof about what happened. The following are some actions that may be considered sexual harassment:

  • An employer tells an employee that he should satisfy his sexual desires to keep the job.
  • A coworker making rude and offensive statements regarding an employee's appearance, outfit, or sexuality.
  • A supervisor addressing sexually-implicit jokes to his subordinate.
  • An employee who sends sexually-implicit messages or pictures to a coworker.

If you are sexually harassed at work, you can still take several actions to make your offenders pay. Before filing a sexual harassment complaint, you need to consider several important factors to support your dispute claim. Some of the things you need to do include:

  • Getting information about the harasser – Access the person's employment and personal records and figure out if he had already faced sexual harassment charges in the past.
  • Looking for witnesses who would testify for you – Any sexual harassment case would not be strong if there are no witnesses to prove it.
  • Obtaining legal help from a sexual harassment attorney – Having a harassment attorney is a crucial step towards winning the case. Make sure that your lawyer has already won similar harassment lawsuits in the past.
  • Asking co-employees if they are also sexually harassed by the same person – If your coworkers have also been harassed by the same individual, you may submit a class action lawsuit against him.
  • Showing proof that the harassment actions were uninvited – This may be the most difficult to prove. Using information and personal testimony, you should make the court believe that you were being forced, and that the sexual actions were against your will and that the conduct and behavior of the harasser is unwelcome.

Once you have done these things, you may file a complaint with the EEOC. After reviewing your complaint, it would file a case against the person on your behalf. Under the law, sexual harassment is prohibited at work, and should not be tolerated by employers and company owners.

Sexual harassment has been a problem in society for centuries. Harassment victims should be brave and determined enough to standup and fight for their rights. But before they can succeed, they should first hire a trusted employment law attorney. If they put these things in mind before taking legal action, they would eventually find justice.