Bullying is a behavior that many people find annoying and sometimes frightening. People who have experienced being bullied when they were still young may even develop trauma. When a person gets bullied at work, he may be unable to function well. Because of this, employers should become more vigilant in preventing bullying harassment in their companies.

Interestingly enough, bullying by itself is not punishable by the law. However, if the bullying actions were influenced by discrimination, it can be prohibited by federal and state employment laws. The EEOC or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is a federal employment agency that is in charge of handling discrimination cases.

If you are an employer and you want to keep bullying practices away from your company, here are some things you should do:

  • Assign a special division in the Human Resources department to handle workplace bullying harassment cases. Your HR department should always be prepared to handle highly-emotional employees.
  • Make company policies that prohibit bullying at work. Together with your HR administrator or company lawyer, you have to make a policy to inform your employees not to bully their colleagues.
  • Impose penalties and sanctions to employees who will not follow your company policies. If an employee violates the anti-bullying policy, he should be made accountable for his actions. With this, other employees will learn from his experience.
  • Create a more relaxed working atmosphere among employees. Some employees release their stress and find pleasure in bullying other people. To avoid this situation, you should maintain a relaxed but disciplined working environment.
  • Ask employees to undergo psychological examinations. If you want to know more about your employees, you should let them take certain interviews and examinations. By doing this, you would know which employees are more likely to be bullied, and which workers bully other people more often.

These tips will become very helpful to avoid or at least lessen the occurrences of bullying in your company. To completely prevent bullying in the workplace, you and your employees should work together as a team. Both of you should have the desire to free your company from bullies and bullying practices.

Bullying cannot be easily avoided because there are always people who are naturally superior to others in terms of their personality. But if you follow the steps suggested above, bullying harassment would eventually cease to exist in your company. For more tips on bullying harassment prevention, just seek an Los Angeles Labor Attorney.