One of an employer's worst problems is the presence of employment disputes. These arguments vary from bullying and discrimination to harassment and abuse, and cause tension and hostility within the company. Workplace disputes also shift the attention of the company from production to accusations and lawsuits, which do not benefit it at all. If you are an employer and you want to avoid such disputes to happen in the workplace, here are some actions you should take:

  • Create simple but comprehensive employment contracts and employee manuals – The employment contract and manual have it all – rules, benefits, obligations, and penalties. Make sure that these materials can be easily understood and followed by your employees.
  • Reward employees who deserve it – Salary increase and promotions are some examples of rewards. These actions make work more satisfying for them.
  • Make sure your company is safe from any risk of accidents – If your employees know that they are safe in the workplace premises, they would be more relaxed and efficient in doing their jobs.
  • If there is a worker's union in your company, meet with them regularly – Labor unions are created to address the complaints and suggestions of their members to company owners. Because of this, employers should make sure that they talk and negotiate with them every once in a while.
  • Be considerate and fair at the same time – These traits may be the most important characteristics that an employer should possess. Being considerate lets you understand your employee's conditions and situations. On the other hand, being fair and just is a trait that should be seen in leaders to gain the respect of their subordinates.
  • Provide benefits for your employees – Leaves, benefits, and back pays should all be provided by an employer to a regular employee.
  • Avoid making conflicting and implied statements – Always stick to the contract. Never give employees false hopes and assumptions especially in at-will employments.

Once you have followed all these reminders, the number of disputes in your company would certainly decrease. It all comes down to good and reasonable leadership. You just need to make your employees feel that they are part of the company, and not mere workers of it. This means that anything that the company accomplishes is everybody's achievement.

As an employer, you are in-charge of your employees and your company. But don't just act as their boss, but also a leader whom they can approach and talk with in order for them to become better employees of the company.

An employment law attorney should be consulted for legal advice.