From an employer's point-of-view, employment disputes only mean expenses, expenses, and more expenses. So believe it or not, employers try their best to avoid such issues in the workplace. The only problem is that many of them are still unaware of the effective steps to do that.

If you are an employer and you hate disputes at work, follow these guidelines:

  • Maintain a clear line of communication between you and the employees. Communication comes in different forms. It may be in the form of announcements, memos, or meetings. If there is a labor union in the company, you should meet with it at least twice a month.
  • Make specific policies to prohibit employment violations. Policies will enforce discipline at work and provide direction to your company.
  • Provide employees what they need. Employees cannot work well if some of their things are missing. Aside from work materials, it is also helpful to provide employee policies and benefits.
  • Do what you say. In a company it is important that you follow your own regulations and rules. This is a way to become a good leader to your employees.
  • Be fair at all times. Equality should always be evident in every company.

These are just a few guidelines in order for you to be in good terms with your employees. But remember it is not all about you. Your employees also play a major role in keeping the company free of disputes and complaints. However, if a complaint still arises, it is best not to take it to court. There are several alternative dispute resolution techniques that can solve the complaint even outside of a court hearing.

  • Arbitration – This type of alternative dispute resolution is similar to a court case. Both parties will present evidence during the arbitration proceeding and the third party arbitrator will decide which party has more evidence to prove his side.
  • Mediation – Mediation focuses on the desires of each party to settle the score between them. The mediator finds a common ground in their propositions and makes a decision to solve the dispute.

Workplace issues and disputes just cause headaches to employers. Aside from handling the complaint, an employer also needs to hire his own Los Angeles employment law lawyer to defend his interests. If a company owner does not want to have these problems, he should follow the reminders given above. For more information about employment disputes, he may consult an Los Angeles labor attorney.