Seeking healing with cranialsacral treatment

Cranialsacral is a type of massage that aims to improve flow of cerebral spinal fluid, particularly to the brain. The movements of the massage target the spine and the back of the head so it is unlike a traditional Swedish massage. The purpose of cranialsacral is to improve brain function, and thus, all the functions of the person.

Recently I finally tried cranialsacral for myself. Over the last year I've accumulated"research" from friends about their experiences with cranialsacral. Everyone had good things to say about it. "It's awesome" or even better "It's the only treatment you need." Too good to be true? I wanted to know for myself, so I had to test it. Unforntately the treatments are not affordable and run about $90 for an hour. When on a vacation I decided to splurge and give the treatment a try.

First I looked for a practioner with who was very experienced. I called a nearby spa and inquired how many years their practioners had been working. A woman named Kyoko had more than 10 and that sounded good to me. When I got there the treatment room was like anyother massage room, quiet and cool. Kyoko began to explain a little bit more about cranialsacral, she would start with an assessment of my body by placing her hands on my legs and the side of my hips. This was the way practitioners could feel the "movements" of the body. Then she moved her hands to the base of my crainum. Although it felt comfortable, I was not feeling at peace at all. Instead I was constantly wondering why everyone had commended cranialsacral so much- there wasn't much too it so far.

Eventually, with continued and slight movements, I slowly and steadily began to relax. Towards the end of the massage I was at finally at ease and all my mind chatter stopped. The experience of the session went by slow but I was feeling significantly better by the hour was out.

Kyoko examined my rhythms once again and noted "more movement" in my left leg, an excellent progress according to her. How could I know otherwise? Oh, whatever, I was feeling good so why not, my left leg was better- yippee! I asked whether or not the results have been extended lasting. She mentioned that it depends upon the particular person but typically most will need tune-ups now and once again to sustain optimum levels.

For that rest from the day I felt well-balanced and tranquil, a lot more so than I would from a standard therapeutic massage. For me, a noiseless brain is very a accomplishment. So I report that cranialsacral works as a subtle and powerful treatment option for people who are stressed and interested in specialized ways to help restore the body and mind.