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As with all things electronic, it is common to run into problems once in a while as you are using the mifi device. For any other electronics you may find information readily available all over the web but for mifi devices the case is different as you may have to scour through forums and links to find a solution to the problem. Most people simply call the customer care service to settle any problems they may have, but the problem is that he customer care reps will often give you cliché answers. In this article, we will be looking at how to go about settling any issues you may have while using your mifi, from your account with the provider to the device itself.

Dealing with problems with your MiFi device provider account

  • If your Mifi is not active, you need to confirm that the MEID of your device is active on your account with your provider. You can find the MEID of your device on its posterior. It normally starts with the letter A.
  • If you placed any blocks or activated any thresholds on your account, check to see  if these are preventing you from using your device and remove them if necessary.
  • Check to ensure you have agreed to the terms of use offered by your provider. You can call them on the customer service lines, or log into your account online to do this.
  • You can talk to the customer service staff so they can tell you why you can’t use your mifi device just yet.
  • Some providers will stop your mi-fi  from working if you have already gone beyond your allocated usage, so you may have to talk with them to reinstate service after you have paid the required fees.

Sorting issues with Mifi internet connectivity

  • Check to ensure that you are using the Mifi unit in a location that is covered by the provider.  You can ask people around or check the web page of your provider to cross check the coverage map. If the area you are located isn’t covered by the provider, you will not be able to use the mifi unit.
  • If you are in a location where you have used the hotspot connection at least once in the past, your computer may automatically connect to the network as soon as it senses it. If this happens you will not be able to surf the web through your mifi device until you disconnect it.
  • If you are using firewall software, check to see that it is not blocking off the mifi connection from your computer.
  • If after all of these the connection is not working, the next thing you should consider is to restart both your computer and mifi completely.  After they have both restarted fully, you can then reattempt a wireless connection.
  • If you installed any software in order to use the mifi device uninstall it and restart your computer once it is removed. After this, reinstall the software from the webpage of your provider.
  • You can then open your computer browser and type in "". In the page provided, log in by leaving the username part of the device blank and then enter “admin” in the field marked as password.
  • At this point, you should be able to click on the “Reset to factory Default” tab. This will reset all security settings you may have made, including network preferences and any other information you may have changed under the “Diagnostics” tab.
  • Another thing you can try is to reset the device itself. You can do a master reset by pressing the master reset button on the mifi with a pointed object. When the device blinks twice, the reset is complete. Take care not to apply too much force here as you may end up permanently damaging the button, or even make it to go into a continuous master reset mode.
  • After this run the mifi desktop software again and try connecting to your mifi device. If you still can’t connect your Mi-fi  after this then you have to call your provider’s technical support crew.

What to do if the Mifi Device isn’t powering on

  • First you need to confirm that the battery of the device is accurately placed by pulling the cover of the device and readjusting the battery. Ensure that the back cover is not wobbly.
  • Charge the battery fully. Do not walk away after plugging it in. You need to confirm that it is indeed charging by taking note of the LED indicator colour change.
  • Turn on the mifi device by holding the power button down for three seconds.  If it still doesn’t come on then the device could be damaged.
  • When the device comes on, take a look at the LED indicators of the device.  The power button and the Status LED should all be green. If the power button of the LED is blinking red, then the device wasn’t charged. If it is showing that it is charging even after you have unplugged it, then you need to reset it by disconnecting any connections made to it by your devices and pulling out the battery for 10 seconds and putting back the battery. You can then turn the mifi back on.

The descriptions given here may vary slightly with what you have if you do not own a mifi device from Three mobile, but the descriptions are not far off when it comes to devices from other providers.  Again, you must note that after running a master reset on your mifi device, the network name and network key goes back to their respective default states and you can find the default name and network key behind the mifi device.

If you live close to your network provider’s store, then it is a better idea for you to go and talk with them physically. They should be able to help you sort out any issues you may be having and you will equally not fall into the trap of voiding your warranty for tampering with the device. 

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