A lot of you may have never heard of mylot before. Mylot is another paid forum posting site where you can make money online. It is kind of like Postloop. Well, the general idea is the same, other than that they are entirely different from each other. Mylot is more like a social media site. Once you register, you can follow different interests, such as soccer, make extra money, Nintendo, etc. You can reply to discussions or start new discussions. You can even post about things that have recently happened to you- so it is kind of like Facebook but you are getting paid to do it.

How to Earn Money

There are four different ways you can earn money with Mylot- tasks, participation, rewards, and referrals. Each have their advantages and disadvantages, and some ways make more money than others.


The main way to earn money via Mylot is via by responding to people’s discussions and starting new threads. (Note: You don't make money by responding to people's responses). The amount of money you can make depends on the quality and length of the replies and topics you make, and how many replies your topic gets. The greater length, the more money. For example, a one line post would only make you about 1 cent, but a 4 line post could make you about 3 cents. Therefore, it you should make each post at least 4 lines (about 50 words) to make the most possible. Fortunately, Mylot is very lenient on grammar, so if English is not your first language it is not a big deal at all.

Make sure that your replies and topics contribute quality to the discussion. Don’t make replies like “good stuff”. Don’t post survey questions as new topics, such as “what’s your favorite drink” or “do you like chocolate.” Also, make sure your discussion hasn’t been done before, otherwise your discussion will be deleted. For example, mylot recently received multiple topics about December 21, and many of them were deleted because they were the same discussion. 

Another way to make money is with images. Once you make 500 responses and discussions (total), you can collect money from posting your images. Make sure that you don’t use copyrighted images or images from the internet, try to use your own.


Mylot, like sites such as Swagbucks, offers tasks for you to complete to make money. Unfortunately, there are usually few tasks available on mylot, they take a long time to do, require you to give out personal info, and only pay a few cents. So, don’t waste your time bothering doing tasks on mylot, use different methods to make money with them.


It is very possible to make money with mylot using referrals, and since they allow non-English speakers, you should be able to get a lot of people from overseas to join-they are one of the only few forum posting sites that doesn’t care about grammar. Mylot pays you 25% of what all your referrals make. A great way to take advantage of the referrals system is to make sure your referrals use the mylot search, which I will explain next.


You make money in the rewards category when you use search.  This is probably the best way to make money via mylot. Each time you use their search you have the chance to win money. About every 30 times I search, I make about 20 cents. (I think it only works once a day though). I suggest that you use the mylot search toolbar instead of google as the results it gives are generally good and the money adds up. However, don’t use the mylot search too much in a row, even if you know you aren’t purposefully searching a lot, because you will not be able to search for a while and get a warning that says “there has been a suspicious activity for this account.

So, how much can you make?

It really depends, as the mylot algorithm is very complex. I think the higher ratings you get, the more responses you make, the more responses you get marked as best responses, the more discussions you make, and the longer and higher quality responses/discussions you have, the more you will make. I made a 4 line post one day in about half a minute and made 3 cents from it. So, if you sue the search each day, make a few replies and new discussions, you should be able to make at least 50 cents each day in less than 15 minutes.

The Good

Mylot is a great social media site. Time flies by when you are responding to discussions on there. It’s better than other paid forum sites because you can talk about what most interests you. Most of the time you are so focused on discussing things with people, you forgot to keep track of how much you are earning! Plus, the ability to make money just for searching the internet is wonderful and very easy to do, and mylot is one of the only two sites I know that actually pay you for searching the internet.

The Bad

The pay is small. You won’t be making a lot of money with them, but it is good to do in your spare time if you are looking for a few extra dollars. Activity can be very slow at times, especially since most of the users I believe are not from America but are from overseas, so their day is our night.


Mylot is a great site to login and post whenever you have the time. Instead of using google you should use mylot search, to get 20 cents each day, which equals $1 every 5 days, or $60 in a year. You can make $60 in a year- just for using the internet as you normally do! Mylot is a great place not only to earn some extra cash, but also to have very interesting discussions and learn a lot about many different things.