Hydrostatic lawn mowers are a must have if you are tired of using rigid and over-rated lawn mowers. There is so much to admire about them.

General Overview

A hydrostatic lawn mower is mower which makes use of hydraulics instead of the conventional gears and belts that have become really popular these days. The powering mechanism consists of a hydraulic motor and a hydraulic pump. The pump itself generates a flow of pressurized oil to an adjacent motor, which of course is then responsible for turning the wheels which are attached to this motor. And in order to produce greater or lesser speeds you will have to get displacement pumps of various sizes in accordance to the speeds you wish to reach. The hydrostatic lawn mowers are able to move forwards and backwards by virtue of a reversible closed loop system which comes with a predetermined amount of oil housed in the motor circuit and the pump.

Benefits Of Using Hydrostatic Lawn Mowers

These lawn mowing devices come with advantages which standard gear-driven mowers do not have. To start with, they have a lot of power for such a compact size. This seemingly useless advantage really becomes important if you previously owned a large mower which was taking up huge amounts of storage space while being inferior in power.

In addition to this, these lawn mowers have a speed diversity which is pretty much unmatched elsewhere. By this I mean you can maintain an accurate speed without you having to make adjustments of your own that may either prove disastrous or require a technician to have full functionality restored. And still on speed, you can expect them to have a wide range of speeds with no hassles at all.

Response and maneuvering abilities are also worth the mention. There will always be those rare occasions when you might want to cut grass in areas that are pretty much out of reach. If this happens a hydrostatic mower will surely be the savior of the day as you can actually manoeuver into such tiny inches of space smoothly and be able to change directions with no problems at all.

Apart from the aforementioned, hydrostatic lawn mowers work incredibly well under wet surface conditions. Many a lawn mower cannot be operated when it is extremely wet as this can cause them to mal-function. And of course there is the dynamic breaking which allows you to stop whenever you are about to cut an innocent looking rose.