Whether you are accustomed to shopping on one of countless online retailer websites, or prefer the welcoming nature of a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront, most individuals who have ever purchased a pocketknife will tell you that they most certainly come in an assortment of various shapes, sizes, and colors. Not to distant of a tactical pocket knife attribute is also its pricing, which can vary significantly dependent upon a wide variety of reasons. Just as any consumer should expect the features of certain car brands to fluctuate, favoring the positive, with higher pricing, so also can this concept be applied to the massive market of tactical pocket knives.


Typically, a pocketknife's versatility can be seen through the natural use of it by its bearer. With a 3"-5" long blade, that fits completely inside its handle, it can be concealed extremely well within a cargo pant pocket, a regular pant pocket, or wherever you may choose to store it until you need its specific functionality. Tactical Pocketknives lend themselves to many different uses, and, these are in no way limited to just opening envelopes, cutting rope, and even slicing fruit. Of course, when slicing fruit, one should ultimately be sure to clean, and sterilize their pocketknife, because contamination could find their way into your mouth and body very easily.


As briefly mentioned before, one can be sure to find a wide selection of pocketknives, which fall between very low-end pricing to very high-end pricing. They can cost anywhere from $1 at a convenience stores, to thousands of dollars for pieces that are custom-made-to-order and handcrafted. Well-made tactical pocketknives will typically be priced around $30 or greater. Dependent upon your desire use, the best pricing may not be so distant from what your intentions are.


If you simply want a knife at the ready, at your work desk, to help open simple envelopes, a less expensive knife would serve that function very easily. If, however, demands of military training or combat, require a more sturdy and versatile knife, than the obvious conclusion would be to not short change yourself in an area where the difference between life and death can certainly hinge on your knives functionality under intense pressure situations.


The traditional Swiss Army Knife has developed their brand into a world-renown product line that is recognizable by most. With issuance, and sale, to the military and to the general public, you can find knives that encompass an outstanding tool selection all beautifully packaged into one convenient knife. These knives often have more than one blade, as well as other tools such as corkscrews, filers, scissors, and even bottle openers. The truest outdoorsman, or woman, can truly appreciate the evident variety available in one of these knives.


One thing to be cautious of is that nearly all pocketknives, that are readily available to the everyday consumer on the market, are legal to own, however, they have come to increasingly face legal restrictions surrounding their use. While most individuals will purchase them to simply serve as a much-needed tool, by their very nature, they can become a weapon very easily. For this reason, there is an ever present need to stay vigilant about where exactly you take, or carry, your knife. It may slip one's mind at times, but no matter how innocent you believe them to be, they are often banned (or heavily restricted) in secure areas, such as schools and airports.


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