The tactical environment oftentimes presents various scenarios of danger and heightened unpredictability. While one may try their best to prepare themselves as much as possible, by engaging in rigorous mental and physical training, the difference between mission success or completion, and mission failure, hinges significantly on the type of gear and equipment that is used. Even though nothing can fully replace the value of the countless hours that you dedicate to physical and mental conditioning, the importance of effective, and reliable, equipment may oftentimes go overlooked. It is usually the most dedicated, and passionate of tactical professional, soldier, and law enforcement officer that realize the great advantage that the right tactical gear can give: an edge that many value in the safeguarding and preservation of their own lives, and the lives of their friends.


One of the leading global manufacturers of tactical gear is Blackhawk! Products. With their own unique "Honor as a way of Life" slogan, they have firmly established their company in the face of a truly saturated market place. From their production of weapon accessories to the smallest, and most concealable, of tactical pouches, their brand name has become thoroughly synonymous with extremely high levels of durability, quality, and reliability. 


Their extensive line of tactical combat pouches are durable, and their simplicity of function has proven to maintain their integrity even in the face of the worst possible tactical, or climatic, pressures and conditions. Ranging in immediate availability in a variety of differing colors, from black to olive drab and ARPAT, these pouches were designed specifically to provide optimal functionality, while particularly suiting the needs of your given profession. 


Whether you are a soldier, who is looking for ACU-colored products, to complement your standard issue military uniform and gear, or a law enforcement officer, these tactical pouches will be extremely effective in addressing well over twenty various needs, or circumstances, that may arise in the tactical environment. Weapon magazine storage, and immediate access, has never been easier and more reliable than with Blackhawk's worldwide recognizable name, and reputation. 


No matter what kind of ammunition you hope to store, you can find a Blackhawk tactical pouch that will address those particular needs. With incredibly tight storage, these pouches allow for instant reloads and silent carry of your pistol ammunition, shotgun ammunition, and standard AK-47 or M-16 magazines. 


Blackhawk's Pro Marksman Pouch can actually hold up to 20 rounds of .308 ammunition in individual elastic loops. With this particular product's clear side windows, one can also have easy access and view ability of essential range data when it's flaps are completely opened. While Blackhawk has engineered their products to be simple, with each storage and accessibility, they rarely fall short of meeting the expectations of even their harshest, and die-hard, critics. From their tactical pouches on, Blackhawk has essentially changed the world of tactical product supply, while ensuring safety and security in their product's repeated use. Short changing yourself on tactical gear and equipment is, most certainly, a bad idea, and could ultimately cost one their life. This is not a trade that many are willing to make.


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Condor Pocket Pouch/US Patch (Black, 7.25 x 5-Inch)
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