"This post confirms my ownership of the site and that this site adheres to Google AdSense program policies and Terms and Conditions."


The above is what I had to post in order to satisfy the conditions of Google AdSense and get an account. I thought it might be useful to turn the whole story into an article so that other people who have trouble getting into AdSense can use the experience as a reference. I submitted my application to Google AdSense a couple of days ago, and I was surprised when they rejected me even though I did everything suggested by other people here at Info Barrel. I waited until I had an article published, and I filled in some information on my profile.

Apparently they weren't convinced that my application was above board, and they wanted me to confirm that I could edit code on the site. They wanted me to paste the above line of text as proof of my ownership of this account. I was surprised by this request, because I figured it would be a relatively straightforward process. I know that they already have a ton of Info Barrel accounts on Google AdSense, so I assumed that they would probably be accustomed to these kinds of account requests. There are a lot of people that monetize their Info Barrel articles through AdSense, so I was really surprised that I had any trouble, especially since I followed all the basic suggestions of other web writers.

Hopefully this article will work as sufficient proof for them, and if it does, I'll edit it later and add the information about how the story turns out. All I want to do is create some interesting articles, and I think that eventually I can deliver significant traffic to Google's advertisers for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Hopefully they'll be interested in helping me do that by giving me an account. If they don't, I'll probably have to set up a web-page elsewhere, or try some other method to get a Google AdSense account. I have a few ideas, and I absolutely will find a way to monetize my articles eventually, but I wish this process could be simplified in some way. The current approach seems kind of backwards and esoteric to me, and I think things would be better if they automated the process of getting an AdSense account for Info Barrel members.

Edit: As promised, I'm updating the post to say that they responded to this within a few hours of resubmitting, and confirmed my account. Basically this is one way to deal with this situation if it ever happens to anyone else. I'm just glad things worked out without much additional difficulty