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Grasping the concept of experiencing a relationship with the creator of the universe is no small task and I'll contend that it's impossible until we enter the gates of heaven.  But realistically, the Lord creates a desire in us to put effort into studying His heart through His word and in prayer.  The result of which is to have the indescribable experience of communication and a deep relationship with Him.
In no way am I suggesting that life is easier.  I am saying that the intimacy and depth through which His spirit teaches us His truths and appropriates them in our lives is possible through Christ.
Intimacy With God by Cynthia Heald is a study through the Psalms that provides a powerful  unexpected and amazing journey!  
The Book has a progressive flow beginning with man's God given yearning for intimacy.  The author breaks down the circumstances that led to the Psalmist's request for closeness and the qualities that draw each of us towards such relationships. 
  •  Our human need for intimacy:  We were each created with the basic needs of connecting, relating, supporting and being supported.  The study examines the circumstances that prompted David's requests and how he chose to express his need. 
 ". . . deepening intimacy with God is the outcome of deep desire." J.O. Sanders   
  • The Lord's heart for man:  In the Psalms the Lord presents Himself as man's shepherd,  and restorer of man's soul providing rest in green pastures.  God crowned man with glory and honor above all other creation and desired for man to care for the land.   The Lord has an intense life-giving love for each of us!   Why would He give his own life only to fail us later?  He never has, and He never will.  
The author takes a refreshing approach to Psalm 91:1 examining assurances about God's provisions for our emotions and experiences.  She unpacks more aspects of His care of and desires for us in the relationship with Him.    
She looks at the Lord's characteristics as a confidant, and a few qualities that draw men to trust him, listing 5 characteristics of God that help describe His glory and majesty.   They are aspects of His heart and perfection and she examines how these features impact the lives of those who worship Him.  Here are two:
  • Trustworthy: Psalm 84:11 "No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly."  It's only possible with His power!
  • Refuge: The Lord is simultaneously powerful, caring and personal, providing protection in times of turmoil.   
As we spend time with the Lord, it's helpful to pray Psalm 139: 23.  The Lord is faithful to help us recognize the state of our hearts and minds.  He can draw us to the places of:
* reverence * honesty *
give us a love of His heart   
God's character is so comprehensive it's overwhelming.  His holiness alone is enough to bring us to our knees in reverence.  But included is that unbelievably personal aspect that He created everything out of love for us and avails the power of His love to us!  And like any parent, He wants us to yearn for His word and His heart.    
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