To learn how to strength train properly, you must first understand what you’re fitness goals are, and what you are trying to achieve with strength training. Many will be looking to strength train to enhance their physical appearance by losing weight and toning muscle. This is a very different goal than an athlete training to build muscle mass to perform longer and faster out on the playing field. Some also use strength training to keep from losing muscle loss and to keep their heart and body healthy. So before you decide where to start, figure out why you’re starting and decide what your fitness goals are. Write them down to make sure you achieve them.

Once you have assessed your goals and you have decided you want to use strength training to help achieve them, it is very important to establish a routine. To make this a routine can be the hardest part of any training you are about to do. You will have to incorporate a workout routine into your lifestyle, so if you don’t have free time to spare, you will have to make adjustments to your current schedule to commit to this routine. You will want at least an hour a day, for three days a week to start. You should set your times that you plan on committing to strength training and write them down so you incorporate them into your schedule. Changing your body / fitness lifestyle will require you to make it a part of your routine. There is no way how to strength train without setting a routine if you want to reach your goals.

Another question you may be asking in regards to how to strength train is if you should join a gym or if this can be done at home. In my opinion there are pros and cons to each scenario. The gym atmosphere does act as a great motivator to get you in the mood to complete your workout. It also helps you separate your distractions at home that may keep you from sticking to your workout routine. Another pro about the gym is that you have machines, weights, and dumbbells all at your disposal and you don’t have to purchase your own tools. Machines are great because they are designed to ensure you are lifting correctly. You can learn a lot about what you should be feeling when you are properly lifting, just be trying different machines and different weight lifting positions. The obvious advantage to working out at home rather than a gym is that you don’t have to travel, nor do you have to pay for a membership. This is a great option if you don’t have the extra time it takes to travel to and from the gym. This also requires you to have some sort of weights or dumbbells, or other equipment to do strength training with.

Hopefully after reading this article, you should have an idea now of what your fitness goal is and you should be able to establish a time and place to help build strength training into a regular routine. After you have decided whether you are doing strength training to lose weight or to build muscle, you can do research online to help you plan your workout to your own individual needs. Even by Google searching “how to strength train”, you should come up with workout routines, you tube video’s, and several sources of information that you can incorporate into your workout routine. The important thing to remember is that no results will be obtained if you don’t commit yourself to setting and following your routine. Changing your body requires changing your lifestyle, and if you can understand this basic concept and have the determination to incorporate it, you will succeed in your fitness goals.