How To Begin Clicker Training For Dogs The Right Way

Clicker training for dogs is based on the positive,reward method of training a dog, and it relies on positive reinforcement, consistency, co-operation and repetition. This method of training is free from harsh corrections,shouting or violence of any kind. And the results you and your dog will achieve are second to none. Making obedience training your dog an enjoyable process.

What Is A Clicker

A clicker is a simple small device, that when you press the button make a distinctive clicking sound,see the picture on the right for 3 different types of clicker

A Selection Of Dog ClickersCredit: WikipediaHow Does It Work

Clicker training works by knowing how dogs learn, the behavioral science methods of classical conditioning and operant conditioning. It is known that when combined, these principles offer the best form of communication with your dog. The core of clicker dog training is the belief that positively reinforced dog behavior is much more likely to be repeated consistently, and non reinforced behavior patterns will be much less likely to be repeated.

 The 1st stage of clicker training your dog is to "Load" him/her, that basically boils down to introducing the clicker as great "get a treat now" toy. With consistent repetition the clicker will replace the need for a treat and become it's own reward. But do not force this, "Loading will allow us as the trainer, to miss the treat out and still get the desired behavior that rewards the dog at the correct time without any stress involved.

Loading begins by sitting your dog down in front of you. In one hand you have some yummy treats in the other you hold the clicker.Get your dogs attention, click the clicker and reward your dog with a treat.All you want at this stage is to get your dogs attention nothing more and then reward him/her.

Do this for ten minutes or so three or four times a day for about a week. As your dog progresses start to wait till he/she is off "doing it's own thing" and not paying you any attention, give a click and your dog should come bounding over happily expecting a little treat. At this stage always make sure you have treats available. The idea is your dog should expect a treat every time it hears a click.
And when it hears the click it means good thing are coming

Clicker training is an ideal way of teaching your dog the habits you want him/her to adopt and a fantastic method of getting rid of the negative behavior.

Teach Your Dog To Be Obedient The Easy Way

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