So you are interested in Energy Healing. The first step for you to begin is to heal yourself. Since I am unable to meet with you and pass down my Reiki symbols to you, you can begin by meditating with White Light.

Start practicing this meditation five minutes a day. Set aside some time at the end of the day, just before bed. Put on some relaxing music. For example: Nature Sounds, Meditation Sounds etc. Fill a bowl full of water. The water helps to conduct the energy. Be somewhere quiet where nobody will disturb you. If you wish you can light some incense or scented oil. Light a candle. Get comfortable. You can sit or lay down. Grab as many pillows and blankets as you need to make yourself comfortable.

Now close your eyes and take these five minutes to imagine a white light filling and surrounding your entire body. If you cannot see this light, just know that it is there. This white light is a very gentle healing energy. See it in every inch of your body. Begin with the head and move this white light down your face and scalp. Take moments to feel it on your eyes, your nose and in your brain. Slowly with intention move this white light down your neck and throat. From here continue to the shoulders and arms. If you need to, you can do one arm at a time. Once you are at your upper torso, really visualize your internal organs being healed and coming in contact with this light. Continue this way until you reach your feet.

If you would like you can take a more general approach and see where your intuition wants the white light to go. You do not have to go in this order. Just remember to include the whole body. Whatever thoughts and images come up are ok as you may not be able to clear your mind completely when just starting out. These thoughts are messages from God. Remember to have no expectations. If you fall asleep that means that your body needs sleep.

Once you are finished, if you are getting up and not going to bed make sure you have some water and continue to be in this quiet, peaceful space which you have created.