Mobile Marketing - How it Works

QR Codes

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Mobile marketing[1402], as the name suggests, is marketing with the use of mobile phones. It is also called SMS (short messaging service) marketing where a business sends text messages to varhones and phone numbers where the recipient learns more about the business, products, and/or services being promoted. However, mobile marketing can also mean that the method used is constantly in motion, e.g. placing a banner on a bus. It is closer to the former than the latter though.

How it Works

The core of mobile marketing is mobile phones. Mobile marketing is carried out wirelessly and to a mobile device of a consumer. Mobile marketing can involve displaying new products or services and offers or simply informing mobile users about a business' information. Since mobile marketing is carried out wirelessly; it is also known as 'wireless marketing.'

How it's Carried Out

There are various ways to carry out mobile marketing - SMS, MMS (multimedia messaging i.e. text with multimedia files such as images and videos), and placing adverts on apps or downloads. SMS marketing works by first collecting phone numbers and followed by sending mass SMS to all the numbers collected. The SMS can contain anything that the business wants to convey.  MMS mobile marketing works in the same way but instead of sending text; images, video, audio, text or a combination of two or more are sent.

Possible Issues 

One issue with mobile marketing is that it invades privacy policies by collecting phone numbers and by advertising products and other information through cellular phones without the cellular  user's consent. But with the use of QR code, this dilemma may be resolved.

QR Codes

The latest way to carry out mobile marketing is with the use of QR codes. Mobile marketing through QR is done both online and offline. QR code doesn't send data to cell phones without the user's consent. For QR marketing codes to work, consumers have to scan or take photos of a QR code to be able to get the information stored on it. If the consumers do not want to read the code, then they don't have to scan it.

An example of mobile marketing done through QR codes is that of Calvin Klein's on Times Square.