The doctoral degree is the pinnacle of our society's educational program and it is the highest academic credential anybody can receive. No matter what it is you choose to study, be it medicine, law, computer sciences or business, the doctorate degree will normally take between four and six years of education after having achieved a Masters degree. Normally, to attain the doctoral degree, one must complete a course of study and then go on to produce new research creating new findings for the world ultimately concluding in a publishable thesis. In recent years many online institutions have begun offering certain online doctoral degrees due to an increased demand for distance education at the highest level.

online doctoral programs

if you are looking at getting an online doctoral degree through a reputable school's distance education program, it is generally expected that you will finish the degree program between two and four years after completing a Master's degree. Once you have completed the degree program, you should be recognized as one of the leading thinkers in your field and expected to produce new data, ideas and thoughts on whatever it is you chose to study. Today's distance education programs allow for anybody to become a worldwide leader in their field and finally attain a respected PhD.

Like anything else, the amount you put into your distance education program will correlate directly with what you get out of it. The more involved you are with your teachers, fellow students and the work itself, will determine whether or not you actually will be a leading authority in your field. After you have completed your online doctoral degree, you will probably be invited to give speeches, consult for companies, and write certain articles for all different aspects of your field because you are one of the most knowledgeable people in it. On average in the United States, somebody with a doctoral degree makes $37,265 more each year than somebody who has a bachelor's degree. That $37,265 is enough to support an entire family and will definitely be worth the extra work you put into it now. If you choose to consult for a living after you have earned her PhD, you can expect to make around $90,000 a year working for various companies that need your expertise.

Today, there are hundreds of different online doctoral degrees offered by various institutions and more and more are being added every year. Some of world's top institutions, and not only online institutions, but ones with distance learning programs, are awarding more and more doctoral degrees through distance education programs. The following three programs are among the most popular year-to-year distance education PhD's that people are getting.

online doctoral programs

The doctor of business administration degree is a research doctorate and students are usually expected to produce a thesis or dissertation that brings new information to the industry. Normally, these dissertations will be fresh outlooks on modern-day business but nobody will listen unless it is bound to make them some money. The online courses provided are normally designed to extend professional business management or administrative skills so that by the end of the four-year term you have really grown as a scholar and can pass on your information to your peers in the industry. Like a lot of other doctorates, the doctor of business administration degree of offers you a choice of different specializations. Some popular areas people like to specialize in for the DBA are economics, business management, technology management and finance among many other specializations.

The doctor of philosophy in theology and apologetics is one of my favorite common online doctoral programs because of how cool you sound when you say its name. Basically, when you come out with at the end of the program, you will have a complete understanding of theory and apologetics and your knowledge is easily applied almost any area of life. It is a great way to become recognized in the field of academics and ministry but can also be used for whatever a potential employer sees fit. This degree qualifies you to check the University and graduate levels which is most often what happens people who take the doctor of philosophy program. It is a great way for any believer to completely understand their theology and many others to defend theirs or completely cripple it.

The doctor of computer science in enterprise information systems is also very popular online doctoral degree program. It is integral to those who are wanting to build and maintain large scale systems in any professional environment. You will be an expert in enterprise information systems by the time your spit out of this program and very few people will know more about how information systems work at large companies than you. You will probably be expected to manage and maintain the IT implementation process, testing, training users and keeping the technology up-to-date.

Obtaining your doctoral degree online is a great way to take your education to the very top level. Make sure that the institution you are attending is accredited and that its students go on to do great things. By now you should know which fields you want to study so pick your favorite school and make some applications. With any luck, in the next 2 to 6 years you will have a PhD after your name and working hard to advance human knowledge and make the world a better place.