First let me tell a bit about the drill bits. Now these drill bits are used as drilling material and are fitted on the tip of the drill shank. This shank is really the holder on which the drill bit is placed and based on the type of material there are various drill bits available including the diamond drill bits.

Diamond is a very hard material and is in reality made up of carbon deposits. Diamond jewelry that you see is made up of fine and polished diamonds. These diamonds are cut and polished to reflect the light and that is how you get the shine on the diamonds. Now this is very opposite to the diamonds that are used in the drill bits. The diamonds used in the drill bit and shaped and cut so as to provide the maximum cutting strength.

The diamond drill bits are attached to the drill shank by way of sintering process. Sintering is a process whereby you can attach the drill bit to the drill shank. The way the sintering process works is that the drill bits are mixed in with the steel and then sintered onto the shank. Now during the drilling process what will happen is that as the drilling operation takes place the diamonds will keep wearing off and the new diamonds will appear from below. The drill bits which have sintered diamonds bits can be used at high speed but are also very expensive.

The other method to attach the diamond drill bits to the tip is by way of bonding and this bonding is done by the electroplating methods. In this the diamonds bits are mixed with steel but are simply attached to the steel tip to give it cutting ability. The electroplating process is less expensive and that will mean that bonded diamond drill bits are less expensive. For drilling of glass, porcelain and ceramic tiles the diamond drill bits are used. For drilling of concrete and for a lot of masonry work also these drill bits are used.

For people who like to do drilling work at home it is necessary that you make sure that enough lubrication is there else the chances of the drill bits getting damaged are very very high.