Are These Your Bookmarks?

An organized system to keep track of bookmarks is an essential part of marketing on line content. Bookmarking your articles and blogs is a way to direct traffic, to your submissions from an outside source. This practice has become a necessity to anyone writing on line today.

This system is only one way, to keep up with bookmark posting efforts, for all of your articles and on line content. There are many different systems people use for this purpose. This is a starting point for those who are writing daily and posting a lot of content.

Using a Notepad file, list articles and content as it's published. Place a shortcut to this file on the desktop of your computer for easy access. If you write for InfoBarrel you'll probably be opening it quite often. Try to make the list alphabetical, for easy reference, when a search for something is undertaken.

Next we're going to make another file, with the same notepad software, this one lists every bookmarking site we use. This can include blogs, social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, anywhere you post back links. These should be listed alphabetically as well. When working through any list, it's good to have a starting place to jump off from.

Once the two lists are complete, then we have all the information, of a massive filing dilemma, neatly compiled in two small notepad files. This can be done on word pad as well, or anywhere that's convenient when your writing. Placing the icon's on the desktop, makes opening your file cabinet, as easy as clicking twice.

The rest is quite simple. Open the two files, side by side on the desktop. Find the article, or on line content in question, and the corresponding bookmarking site that you're posting it on. Then make notes in either file on the post. Making a notation in both files, will keep things even more organized, but this isn't needed, as the bookmarking site file, is simply there for reference and to allow a quick glance at every one we've used.

The file with the content in it however is very important. This should be well documented. List every post for every article and then start again. The more bookmarking sites that you have in your file, the quicker it will become to post to all as you write.

Most submitting on line writers loose a great deal of time back linking their work. This time can be better used creating content. The meat in the sandwich so to speak. If we must spend too much time promoting the work, then there will be less work to promote.

Making the most of bookmarking is an objective for all writers to seek out. Learning ways to get it done quickly will improve productivity dramatically. This system has worked for at least one writer. It's simple and to the point.

One thing is for sure. In the world of on line writing today, an organized system to keep track of bookmarks, or back links, is a necessary activity. Any success you'll have with writing and submitting content on line, will only be enhanced by keeping track of where it's posted and how it's publicized, in a neat an orderly manner.