After seeing an outdoor gas fireplace table at the local home and garden center I began to research the idea of using one of these in my own backyard.

As more and more people including me are making their backyards their own personal oasis and vacation spot, more and more products are showing up to make life easier and more enjoyable outdoors this year.  Where I live the summers are short and you want to spend every waking moment outside, so this will make the evenings enjoyable and comfortable.

Within City Limits

Since I recently moved to within the city limits, I found that backyard fire pits and fires are against the rules here.  I lived in rural Ontario before and we had a fire all the time in the evenings, so I thought how can we still enjoy the ambiance of a fire with everyone gathered around, and that is when I came across these fire pit tables.

You can get ones that actually burn real wood and you can put a screen over them to catch any wayward sparks, but you can also get gas ones that to me would work the best since I live in the city.

After checking with the city it turns out that gas ones are acceptable as they will never get out of control like a real fire(unless of course you add some kind of flammables!) as they are in the same category as a gas barbeque and as long as you use a good quality propane tank you will be fine.  The beauty of all of this is that you can simply turn it off with a click when you are done.  No dowsing with water!

outdoor gas fireplace tableCredit:
Blue Rhino GAD920SP UniFlame 41.3" Outdoor Firepit with Cast Iron Burner Electronic Ignition and Tile Mantel Up to 40000 BTUs Liquid
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(price as of Dec 10, 2016)
these are a very realistic and safe way to sit around a fire.

Propane vs Natural Gas

If you have natural gas to your home, then you can get an outside connector added to power up natural gas equipment outside such as the barbeque and other appliances.  My parents did this and it was great, as natural gas is an affordable way to run outside equipment.

The downside to natural gas is that you need to be attached to the house with a hose.  This limits where you can put your outdoor appliances.  I wanted the freedom to move them around.

By using a propane cylinder you can have your appliances such as this outdoor fire table anywhere in your yard.  Plus you can get these tanks filled at most hardware stores.

What if you wanted to set up an area further away from your house?  By using propane cylinders it makes all your outdoor fun more portable without having to run lines or any major construction.

The Tables are Chic and Modern Looking

After researching online I found some good deals and what I really like is that these tables have the control panel hidden which makes it look better, it lights right away and the coals look real.  It also gives off a steady heat, and I always found having some kind of heat in the evening helps to keep the bugs away.  It is also a soft glow and you can control how much flame you actually want to have.

You can sit around this outdoor gas fireplace table in comfort and enjoy the evening without smelling like you have been to a fire.   The tank will be hidden and you will find yourself relaxing around it without having to worry about stoking it or burning anything.

The table idea is perfect and this is a great way to enjoy the patio.  So, as I search for patio furniture I think I will lean more towards this multi-functional fireplace table. 

I have been researching all kinds of great ways to create my instant oais out back and also found you can get portable privacy screens to create an instant private space.