There are quite a few different ways to get whiter teeth. A few of the cheaper options include things like whitening toothpastes and the Crest Whitestrips. These products are OK if the stains on your teeth are fairly shallow. If they're more serious, though, you may want to consider a laser tooth whitening procedure. All of these procedures are done in a dentist's office and involve the use of peroxide gel and a blue warming light. For some odd reason, this light is known as a laser...

Regardless, in this article, I'll outline a typical laser tooth whitening procedure. Please do keep in mind that, depending on what kind of system you use, this process may vary slightly.

The one thing that all of these systems have in common is the use of a highly concentrated peroxide gel. The use of a stronger gel is really key to the effectiveness of all "in office" teeth whitening programs. With home whitening kits, the amount of peroxide is quite a bit lower. This is basically because a trained professional, like a dentist, knows how to properly use a stronger bleach. Putting equally strong whiteners in the hands of someone who isn't a dentist just wouldn't be safe.

Now, two things have to take place before the whitening process begins - a cleaning and a checkup. The cleaning usually takes place first. The dentist does this in order to keep your mouth healthy. There is no sense in having a great smile and nice bright teeth if half of those teeth have cavities. The check-up is also necessary. Generally speaking, the dentist is looking for serious problems like gum disease or severe teeth decay. If there are issues present, chances are the patient will be asked to sort out the problems before getting a laser tooth whitening. This is basically due to the fact that the bleach used in these procedures doesn't react well with certain gum problems.

If all is good, the doctor will commence with the whitening process. All in all, this procedure usually takes about one hour. First off, a piece that protects the gums from bleach is put into the patient's mouth. Next, every tooth is coated in a highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel. The gel then sits for 15 to 20 minutes. With some systems, like the Brite Smile teeth whitening one, there are two coats of gel used. After a set amount of time has passed, a special light is placed over the mouth. The patient then relaxes for 20 minutes or so while the lamp reacts with the gel to create a nice smooth finish for every tooth.

The average cost of laser tooth whitening is about $600. While this isn't the cheapest teeth whitening product, the results are far better than anything you should expect to see from a home kit. Good luck!