Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any given time. Often, these accidents are caused by the negligence of other people. They bring pain and discomfort to these victims.

Personal Injury Law intends to give justice and provide fair compensation to those who are involved. They cover litigations and proper actions that should be done by the offender.

Kinds of Personal Injury

There are different kinds of personal injury that a victim can suffer from. Here are some of common negligence which cause personal injuries:

  • Automobile Accidents

--- Victims of car accidents are growing each year as streets are crowded with rising number of vehicles. California is reportedly the state which has the most number of car accidents in the U.S.

Common Causes:

-Intoxication of the driver


-Disregard of traffic lights and signs



-Injury (which may be minor or major physical damage)


-Damage to Property


  • Slip and Fall Accidents

--- Accidents like trip and fall would result to the distress or injury of the offended party. Slip and fall accidents often include the negligence of the owner or administrator of the building which would cause the accident.

In proving negligence, the owner must be aware of the condition that may harm other people but still not do anything to improve it.

Common Causes:

-Uncovered holes and weak spots of the premise

-Objects that obstruct the walk path

-Slippery Floor


-Spinal Injury

-Brain Injury

-Bruises, Cuts, and Scratches

-Hip Injury

-Broken Bones

  • Medical Malpractice

--- Doctors opt to save the lives of their patients. However, there are negligent medical practitioners who, instead of improving, worsen the condition of their patients, intentionally or not.

Accidents that include an operation or medical treatment that has gone wrong can be attributed to medical malpractice. The medical license to practice of violators will be revoked.

Common Causes:

-Negligence of the doctor / medical practitioner

-untreated foreseeable medical conditions


-Worse condition of the patient


  • Animal Attacks

--- The owner of the animal or pet is liable for any damages that his pet may inflict to other people.

Common Causes:

-Agitated animal

-Hunger of the animal

-Aggressive nature of the animal


-Major and minor physical injuries



  • Defective Product Accidents

--- When a person buys a product, he assumes that it is safe and will deliver the result he wants from it. However, there are products that malfunction and cause damages or even death.

There are medicines and products that would prove to be harmful to the health of an individual. Malfunction of heavy equipments like bulldozers and forklifts may also be the cause of a construction accident.

The manufacturer and producers of the product are legally responsible for damages once it is proven that their product has malfunctioned.

Common Causes:

-The product has unhealthy side effects

-Faulty Assembling of product parts by the assembler

-Sub-standard products and parts.


People who are proven to be guilty of negligence which resulted to the accident are obliged to pay for compensation. These compensations include payment of medical bills, repair of damaged property, and other expenses that are related to the accident.

The offender may be also asked to pay fine to ensure that he will not do the same mistake again.

Aside from compensations, the offender may also face jail time depending on the severity of the accident he has caused.