If you are searching for the right corner changing table for your baby’s changing room, you have found the right resource for purely valuable information on this topic. The instant appeal that stems from owning a angled changing desk is quite simply the ease you will have in allocating it to a corner space in your room. Of course, these pieces of furniture do not have to simply go in a corner; as many of them are very symmetrical in nature and can even fit well in the center of a room or up against the mid-section of a wall. If you are interested in an overview of what you can expect from a good quality product, continue reading.

What Features Are Included In The Best Corner Changing Table?

 There are quite a few excellent brand names that produce a great corner changing table. My personal favorite known as Badger Basket produces high quality and inexpensive furniture that works well in virtually any household environment. Because I consider these products to be the industry standard in many respects, I will be basing my judgments regarding what your average corner table should consist of in terms of features and other points of note such as durability and longevity. This brief examination will allow you to find the right product that suits your needs, and immediately write off any sub-par products.

The first component that should be included in a corner changing table is quite simple. As a new parent, you will undeniably want a lot of storage space to hold diapers, lotion, baby powder, wipes, and other necessities that aid in caring for your child. Any good changing table will come with some compartments that will allow you to store these amenities with ease. While some changing tables lack this component, it is highly recommend that you overlook those products in exchange for a baby changer that comes already furnished with storage room.

 An additional feature of the best corner changing table that you should look for is the incorporation of a table topper or changing pad. These baby pads alone may cost you an additional ten to twenty dollars, but if you can purchase a changing table that comes included with one it may save you money in the long run. Most products by Badger Basket include a changing pad at no extra cost. On that note, the actual price of most of their products is very reasonable considering the quality and added features. You will not be putting out extra money to cover charges for things like storage or comfortable padding.

Finally, it is important to note that owning a Badger Basket corner changing table is great because these products are well reviewed by consumers around the world. From this collective resource you can have first hand impressions of people who are using these products. On the whole, the feedback is notoriously positive. The recommended Badger Basket products are ideal pieces of baby furniture to having in your home because they are very durable, look great, come at a nice price point, and come with all the necessary added features that you have come to expect in a baby changing desk.

Two Recommended Badger Basket Corner Changers

Finding the best corner changing table by the company Badger Basket would not be very easy without exploring some specific products they offer their customers. The first product is aptly called the Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table. It comes in three colors such as natural wood, cherry, and white. Included is a large amount of visible storage. The added contoured changing pad and safety pad will add a level of comfort to this device for your child, and allow you to feel safer as you change your child’s diaper and clothing every day. According to users, this is a great product at a great price point.

A good alternative is the Badger Basket Baby Corner Changing Table with Hamper and Basket. This is a similar product in shape and appearance, though it includes some pull out drawers and a hamper that is great for storing used articles of clothing. You may even consider removing the hamper and adding a small garbage can for easy disposal of dirty diapers. My favorite aspect about this corner changer is the simple fact that you can re-purpose it after you no longer need it for your newborn infant. This instantly adds life to this purchase that you may have not considered before.

 Overall, I would say that Badger Basket creates a great and affordable corner changing table. You will have no trouble finding one to invest in on your budget. These are truly “all-inclusive” products that come with plenty of storage space and even baby changing table toppers. Few other brands can compete in terms of price and overall quality.