To any believer in the Catholic Faith, the role of the patron saints is clearly a multifaceted one. With humanity, we all have ever present basic needs for guidance, protection, and security, and the patron saints are so varied that you can find comfort no matter what state of life you may be in. Since the earliest days of the church, believers have called upon these patron saints, and, history details a long register of these saints by name.


An exhaustive list of patron saints can be found in simple research or within the confines of a casual internet search throughout cyberspace. No matter what your given need or desire, or organizational affiliation may be, you can find a patron saint for just about any reason, to which you can engage in meaningful intercession with. Over the years, these saints have proven to be so helpful that they have become one of the many cornerstones of symbology and tradition in the enduring Catholic Church.


A direction connection to Jesus is something that many believers spend days in diligent prayer seeking. The patron saints make this possible, as a direct connection whereby prayers can be heard and addressed. Just as some distinct societal groups, or factions, such as returning military veterans, may require higher level advocacy in order to make their concerns known, so also are these patron saints an advocate for them within heaven's gates.


A common misconception has emerged surrounding the tradition of the patron saints. It has, unfortunately, dispersed throughout many different religions, as well as Catholicism itself. This misunderstanding is founded in the fact that some strongly believe that prayer is done directly to the patron saints, when, in fact, tradition dictates that the prayer is done in an intercessory manner. By this, it is meant that the patron saints, rather than being prayed to like God-like figures are, rather, prayed with, or sought for prayer, much like people would do together. It is this same misconception that has resulted in severe criticisms, which have verged on labeling this very tradition a serious act of blasphemy in the eyes of God.


While firm stances, and arguments, have been made for and against this practice, there is no doubt that certain biblical translations seem to reinforce, not only the legitimacy of the patron saints, but also the devout power in engaging in this practice. Throughout the bible, the idea of mediation is a concept that can be seen as practiced by everyone from ordinary laypersons, to the Apostles, as well as in the angelic realm, with the prayers of Saints being offered to God via those same angels.


Great inspiration can be drawn from the lives of the patron saints, and, for this reason, an extremely heavy emphasis is placed on honoring them within the church. Throughout the Catholic faith, Eastern Orthodox, and even on into some branches or denominations of Protestantism, the patron saints are viewed as great men and women of virtue, by which we should all try our very hardest to emulate while living here on earth.


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