An Overview of the Self Publishing Process

If you’re written a book and have decided you want to get it published, the article below about the self publishing process may help. This route can be attractive for many writers who benefit from full control of the creative and marketing process, and retain all rights to their work. There are many steps in the development of your book, from the initial idea to the distribution and marketing. Below is an overview of the self publishing process:

Getting a Quote

First things first, you need to contact companies and ask them for a quote. With your budget and the quote, you’ll be able to make a decision on whether you can afford to publish your book. Make sure you ask questions too such as how long the process will take, how much printing costs are and if they can help with marketing. Once you have chosen the company you want to go with, they will provide you with support every step of the way.

ISBN Registration

You will need to provide your self publishing company with basic details such as the title of the book, the number of pages and the ISBN number. Every book needs this International Standard Book Number (ISBN) if you wish to sell your book in stores and online. Your company will be able to deal with this registration process for you.

Editing and Design

It is highly recommended that you have your book edited and proofread professionally. Although most word processors detect spelling and grammatical errors, they can’t check everything and it is often the case that authors miss words and the professionals find faults. If you want your book to be successful, editing is an important process. With regards to the design of the book, authors may already have an idea in mind. Others may prefer a professional to do it for them, which can easily be done.

Printing and Final Review

Once everything is completed from the ISBN and barcode to the cover design and layout of pages, it will be time to have a final review. As the author you will have the chance to review the book, make any changes and give the go ahead to print.

Marketing and Promotion

If you want to get your book to a wide audience, you should think about the marketing process. You’re going to need an effective marketing plan in order to promote your book properly. A self publishing company should be able to offer assistance with these services and in no time at all, your book will be in the hands of readers worldwide.