An unfortunate truth is that 90% of new online business is a failure. If you are working to create a successful website or blog, SEO experts will tell you that backlinks play a major role in which sites and blogs are successful and which ones aren’t. This article shares a few unfortunate truths about back links that bloggers should be made aware of.

Develop quality back links that will bring quality traffic to your site is essential in having a successful site or blog. Defining a quality backlink is important if not vital. Backlinks connect one site to another. Search engines consider back links as part of their search engine ranking system when establishing the rating system for web pages.

When search engines are establishing page credit or reputation for page ranking, each backlink is a vote for your page. The more votes you receive, along with several other factors, the higher search engines will rank your page. Backlinks are essential in getting a terrific search engine page rank. If you are monetizing your site or blog, the higher the rank and the more back links results in more traffic which turns into more money.

Links to your page can be defined in the following formats;

  • Reciprocal links-two sites or blogs are linking to each other
  • Three way links-three or more sites or blogs are linking together
  • One way links-one site links to another without a reciprocal link in return. This can also be a link from article content to your site or blog

One way links are the most valuable back links for bloggers. A webmaster or blog master is linking to your site because they find the information invaluable.

The other two types of links mentioned here are connected with fraud that has occurred on the internet with  linking sites and blogs. Real backlinks are invaluable because they typically bring you traffic over and over.

Getting links, more specifically back links is hard work. Perseverance and hard work will get you real backlinks that work to get traffic and increase page rank for search engines. These are several ways to get great backlinks;

  • Have quality work on your site or blog. Quality work is better than quantity work. Quality work will get you traffic as well as help build a community that joins and stays. In addition, quality work will have other websites and blogs linking to your work and building those excellent one way links.
  • Social networking bookmarks. Social networking is a great idea for sites and blogs and spreading the word of your great work quickly. Social networking sites such as Stumbleupon, Delicious, Digg and Reddit. It’s perfectly fine to send your own webpages to these sites. However, remember to give other webpages also or you run the risk of being considered  a spammer.
  • Yahoo answers or similar sites. When answering a question and you can find relevant information on your blog or website, link to it. If you are linking from a general question that many may ask, you will find a few incoming one way links to your information.
  • Join forums and connect with similar sites in your niche. When you leave information or comment, insert links to related information on your site or blog or to your webpage.


Getting backlinks does mean work. Stay away from any computerized way to get backlinks. This will hurt your page ranking with Google and acquiring a great page ranking with search engines for your site or blog.

Hard work makes a site or blog successful. The best way become a success is driving traffic to a site. Understand that this success will not occur overnight. 

Backlinks are a wonderful way to drive traffic to a site or blog because they can be used over and over. Build great backlinks to drive traffic to your content and become a part of the élite 10% of successful businesses on the internet.

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