Migraine headaches are a terrible disease that affects millions of people around the globe. It affects much more women than men (20% of the women population and 10% men). The bad news about migraines is that there is still no proven medication that can provide cure from this headache pain. The available medications to date are used to provide relief from the pain but they cannot be used to completely provide cure from migraine headaches.

The good news is that there are ways to prevent migraine headaches. These ways have to do with techniques used to reverse each of the migraine causes. So, by understanding what causes migraines you will be in a better position to find ways to prevent it.

The first thing to understand is how the headache pain is created. The pain is due to a sudden change of serotonin levels in the blood. The drop of serotonin creates other substances called neuropeptides which eventually cause the pain.

The major causes of migraine headaches can be classified into the following categories: hormonal changes, foods and beverages and lifestyle.

Hormonal changes: This effect mainly home, especially during their pregnancy and menstruation periods. Women who have a predisposition to headaches often experience migraine headaches frequently during their cycle and when they get pregnant. During those periods the levels of estrogen experience a drop and this creates the pain. Some women in an effort to regulate their estrogen levels take contraceptive pills. This however works only for some women. In any case you should consult your doctor on how to deal with migraines during your hormonal change periods.

Foods and beverages: Certain foods are accused to be the reason for migraine headaches. These foods and beverages include red wine, beer, cheese, chocolates and caffeine related products. A good practice is to try and avoid these foods and see if the frequency you experience migraines gets better. If this is the case then replace those foods and drinks with other types.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle also plays a role in migraines. For example:

Stress - If you live a very stressful life then you will most likely get headaches more frequent.

Environment - If you spend a lot of time in rooms with bright lights, loud sounds and strong smells (smoking) then this will make your headaches more frequent and intense.

Sleep schedule - If for some reason you do not keep a constant sleep schedule (in the cases you are a frequent traveler), then this is another way to trigger a headache.

Physical activity - If you exercise or doing some sort of physical activity very intensively then most likely you will also experience headaches more frequently.

Weather conditions - It has been proven through research that sudden changes in weather conditions are a cause of migraine headaches. The study showed that either a sudden increase or decrease in temperature can cause headaches to people who have a predisposition to them.

Patients suffering from migraines should not ignore them. You should inform your doctor about your situation so as to get proper diagnosis and treatment.