An Effective Way To Burn Fat

             Now this will probably come as shock for most of you but the best way to lose belly fat is by dieting and exercising.  No? Well then how come no matter how many times we exercise (for example doing a thousand sit-ups) and do fad diets we can’t seem to lose those stubborn belly fats?  The answer lies in two things:   calorie counting and the correct types of exercise to perform to lose belly fat forever.  Believe me, I know, nobody likes to count calories and nobody likes to do those back-breaking sit-ups but eating right and exercise are the most neglected parts of losing those love handles.  In this article, I will discuss some of the tricks I learned to help build a lean, healthy body while keeping the fats off. 

                I think almost everyone that has struggled with losing weight knows this fact:  To burn-off one pound of fat, a person must burn 3500 calories.  This sounds simple enough but how do we know how much calories we are consuming and how much calories we are burning to get to that magic number of 3500 calories?  There is also another piece to this puzzle.  What is the average calorie consumption for male and female to maintain his or her weight?  For females it is around 1800-2000 calories and for males it is around 2200-2500 in a day.  In my opinion, people get it wrong when they stick to one kind of diet (For example, an all veggie diet or all carb diet just to name a few). In reality we need all the major food groups such as grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, and meat.  Even fats, oil, and sweets are essential but that group should be the least consumed (easier said than done).  In theory, we can eat anything we want as long as it is in moderation and in correct proportion.  The USDA recommended consumption for the major food groups are as follows:  Bread, Cereal, Rice & Pasta (Grain) group 6-11 servings, Fruit group 2-4 serving,  Vegetable group 3-5 servings, meat and poultry group 2-3 servings, milk, yogurt and cheese group 2-3 servings, and fats, oils, and sweets use sparingly. 

                To keep track of all the food I eat and the calories I take in, I jot down every food I eat in a little notepad and their calorie equivalent.  For example if I have a cup of coffee with creamer and a packet of sugar, I would write it as: coffee w/cream and 1 packet sugar (300 cal.) By the end of the night I would add up all the foods, beverages and their calorie equivalents and check if I am within (or hopefully below) my average calorie requirement to maintain current weight.  I usually consume about 1800-1900 calories per day (300-400 calories below my recommended daily average of 2200-2500) which is good because if I just consume this amount every day for one week I lose about 2800 calories per week just by proper diet alone.  Imagine if I combined that with a couple of exercises I would definitely reach 3500 calories no problem.  This is why exercising is also another key to losing those elusive, unwanted fats. 


                As stated earlier, doing a thousand sit-ups does little to reduce the fat around your belly, why?  The first problem is…you guessed it, dieting.  If you do a lot of sit-ups but you eat more than your average daily calorie consumption then you are doing nothing more than just jiggling your belly fat (or worse adding more to it).  In order for our exercises to work, we have to be at least within our daily average calorie intake because we will not burn any of that fat (especially in our belly) if we are over our average calorie intake.  Next question, what is the best and most effective exercise to lose belly fat?  Is it sit-ups, well, not necessarily (well, not yet anyways).  In order for the body to lose belly fat, the body’s overall fat must be consumed first.  Meaning the body draws energy from other fat sources in our body (such as our legs, thighs, arms, and stomach).  If this is the case, the best way to lose total body fat first is by aerobic exercises such as running or bicycling.  Only after doing these aerobic exercises, can one concentrate on reducing belly fat by doing sit-ups. 

                Here is my routine for reducing fat all around. 

                Monday- Aerobic exercises such as running or basketball (calories burn in one hour= 600 calories)

                Wednesday- Push-ups (50 reps), sit-ups (50 reps), leg squats (100 reps), and calf-raises (50 reps) for 1 set.  I try to do a total of at least 3 sets taking a 3-5 minute break between each set (Total calories burned in one set= 50 calories x 3 sets = 150 calories).

                Saturday- Plyometric exercises for one hour (I use p90x plyometric because of the killer routines it has) (700 calories burned in one hour). 


                Three times a week is all I need and I burned about 1450 calories per week doing these exercises.  Add this to my diet of losing 2800 calories/week and I get a total of a whopping 4250 calories burned in one week! (750 calories more than what is needed to burn a pound of fat)  I rotate some of these routines depending on my mood so I do not get bored and lose track of my goal.  There you go a simple plan to burn fat without losing your money or your mind.  Happy fat burning!