Analysis of an Effective Website

Example of an Effective Website:


   Kraft's website is a brilliant marketing effort. I just spent at least an hour on their homepage and came away very impressed. I know more about the company and products, learned how to make
shepard's pie, looked up job openings, and entered a contest for free bagels and cream cheese.

   If marketing can be understood to mean the process of planning and executing the steps leading to a goal-satisfying exchange between a company and consumer (Kotler & Keller, 2006, p. G5),
then Kraft's website is an example of good marketing. In its corporate section under the heading "Who We Are", Kraft gives its vision, i.e. main long-term goal. Kraft's vision is "Helping people around the world eat and live better." If that is what Kraft is trying to do, then this website is
a great tool. Now, I doubt that millions of consumers pour over Kraft's website every day, but the ones that do visit the website are treated with a multi-pronged effort very much in line with the company's desire to help people eat and live better.

  On the main page, the website offers different sections to enter: Home, About Kraft, Brands, Media Center, Investor Center, and Careers. Along the left side is a standard menu of hyperlinks above the latest in corporate news. Centrally located and receiving main billing is an area of eye-catching product-based stories that rotate and draw in the reader. An innovative tool in the bottom right corner allows the reader to visually identify and select a particular Kraft brand to investigate. Finally, along the bottom is a marquee-type display containing stock-price data, reminiscent of
stock ticker tape. 

   If I was a researching consumer, ambivalent between brands, and I went to the Kraft website, I believe it would be a positive experience. I myself do like the Kraft brand, but I did not even know
how ubiquitous it really is. Their products are everywhere. 

   Each time I go back to the website, the marketing strategy becomes a little clearer. It seems the company projects itself as very family friendly, family oriented, and focused on family health.
As they realize the mothers of the family (in the USA) make most of the grocery-buying decisions, that is definitely the target audience with their smiley Mom and Kid images on most of their webpages. Not forgetting another market, seniors are portrayed in active lifestyles while the reader is invited to make the mental leap connecting the oldsters' vitality to the Kraft Cheese they are

   Every publically owned company has to basically convince stockholders that the company will keep increasing profits in the future. In Kraft's case, that is not too difficult a task. With that intent in mind, they showcase their effort to keep improving. This +100-year old company now offers grocery store purchasing managers a more streamlined contact/ordering process, which in turn facilitates the forward flow of their marketing channel with consumers that purchase through those stores. (Kotler & Keller, 2006, p.436)

   I believe this website absolutely is in line with Kraft's stated vision and is therefore a great example of marketing. 


Kotler, P., & Keller, K. (2006). Marketing Management, 12th ed. South Asia: Pearson Education.