The tone of the film and the catalyst

As The Apartment reflects the life of a struggling clerk C.C. Baxter,the tone of the film could be described as prosaic and personal. Story is sometimes amusing, witty and main line is melodramatic, as the protagonist falls in love. C.C. Baxter is a very kind person, so the story about him is told in a friendly and positive way.

The catalyst takes place when the main character Bud talks with Miss Fran Kubelick into the elevator for the first time in the script. This scene represents a dialogue between them, shows that those two have a lot in common and feel sympathy to each other. Later, this fact encourages Baxter to invite Fran to the theatre.

Major dramatic question of the story

 If we look deeply into the script, The Apartment carries not only a social question, but also certain philosophical problems. Story puts the following question “Are there any noble and honest men left in modern society or all people sooner or later become “takers”?”

The first and second turning points in "The Apartment"

First turning point of the story takes place in the restaurant, when we understand who is the lover of Mr. Sheldrake. In this scene we start to worry about Baxter and his happiness. Moreover, it opens a new storyline of Sheldrake and Fran’s relationship.

Second turning point takes place when Bud recognizes fleur-de-lis pattern and cracked mirror of the compact of Fran. This fact reveals that Fran is a lover of his boss, Mr.Sheldrake. At this moment all his hopes to reach her fail, he is starts to feel empty and frustrated. 

The importance of "The Apartment" in the history of cinema

     The Apartment was one of the bigger box office hitters of its time, won numerous awards for best script, best directing, best soundtrack, best acting, and also proclaimed as Best Written American Comedy. Even after numerous years of development of cinema, The Apartment is still one of the top 100 movies ever made. Even without any intentions of analyzing the film, one should watch this cinematic masterpiece at least once in life.

Trailer for Billy Wilder's "The Apartment" (1960)