Love has often been mistaken as all good, sweet and innocent but this is perhaps a low and poor perception. Love is not all that perfect and has never been; even from the very beginning of creation.

In the beginning, right from the Garden of Eden, love had its shortcomings. It was sweet for Adam and Eve until the issue of eating the apple came up. The tide turned and sorrow was brought into the picture. Their love for each other brought death and pains, not just to themselves but to the world in general.
Right from that first love crisis, there has been constant battle between the opposite sexes as to who would win the war of supremacy. As a result of this drawn battle field, the ugly side that is always latent began to reveal itself.

Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll analysis can be used to analyze this war between the genders on love related issues. These are fictional characters from Robert L. Stevenson bestselling novel, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

The summary of the novel is that in every human, there is the dark and good side. Love is just the same. It’s not all perfect as it’s assumed to be.

Various Conceptions of Love

•    Love Is Forgiving

Dr Jekylls Analysis:
This is very true. If you love and cherish someone, you will always forgive that person no matter the wrong that person inflicts on you. Remember how Jesus Christ loved us so much and died for our sins. In the middle of shame and wrong accusations, he still found time to ask God to forgive them for they know not what they do. That is love for you; enduring, forgiving and lasting. Love will always forgive, no matter the wrong.

Dr Hydes Analysis:
It is quite pathetic to say that love is all forgiving and pure. The countless marriage break ups and court cases proves the theory wrong. To show that you love someone, you have to back it up with high-handed disciplinary measures and not just forgiving the person for every deliberate injury to you. You don’t condole nonsense otherwise the relationship will be one-sided and prone to crash.

•    Love Is blind

Dr Jekylls Analysis:
When we say that love is blind, we are saying that love ignores some obvious faults and mistakes in those we love. Because love is forgiving, it should equally be blind to some faults in your partner’s character. This ensures that a relationship lasts and leads to a fruitful end.

Dr Hydes Analysis:
Being blind to your partners or other people’s faults in the name of love is the worst thing to do. Not only will you be damaging their future, because they will never learn of their shortcomings, you will equally be causing yourself unnecessary heartaches.

Other concepts of love that this analysis could be applied to are:

•    Love Endures Forever…….not always true
•    Love Is Sweet…..could also be bitter
•    Its better to have loved than not to love at all…How true?
•    Every good thing springs from love……not always true
•    Love your neighbor as yourself……Is it possible?

Using this analysis will show that love is not always what it appears to be; it has its own good and bad side just like the characters from Stevenson’s  novel.