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Medical professionals refer to a specific portion or part of the body differently than most people do. These terms are called anatomical terms and from the term itself, it serves useful in studying anatomy especially for aspiring individuals who are taking a shot at becoming a medical professional. For an untrained individual, hearing the terms like sagittal plane, coronal plane or transverse plane may seem like an alien word but these words actually are easy to understand. Let us take a step further and understand these helpful yet misunderstood words.

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Sagittal Plane

To say it in a straight manner, sagittal plane divides the body into the right side and the left side. It is a longitudinal plane that divides the head and the torso. Sagittal plane is also referred to as the lateral plane or the plane that divides the body into right and left parts, not halves.  

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Midsagittal Plane

It divides the body into equal right and left side. Confused? Just remember the term equal when remembering about midsagittal plane. It is an imaginary plane in the centre on the body, equally dividing into right and left side. It is also termed as the median plane or the plane that divides the body into right and left halves, not parts.

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Parasagittal Plane

To add to the confusion, parasagittal plane also divides the body into right and left parts but this time, it divides the body into unequal parts.

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Frontal Plane

Frontal plane or also referred to as the coronal plane is a longitudinal plane that divided the body into front and back parts. One must remember that this plane also divides the limbs and the position of the body being divided is in the anatomical position.

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Transverse Plane

Transverse plane is an imaginary line that divides the human body into upper part/half and lower part/half or to put it simply, into cross sections.   The transverse plane runs across the middle section of the human body. Horizontal plane is another term referring to transverse plane.


Having a strong foundation in these terms makes it easy to understand and relate to anatomy. Anatomy is almost synonymous with medical profession but that is not entirely true. Even lawyers can benefit in learning the basics of anatomy. If a case includes bodily injury and the medical report comes in, then it will be easy for the lawyer to understand the terms being used. Having a specific plane to discuss makes it easy to communicate and pinpoint the location of the problem or the issue.


Learning a term or usage of a word may seem to have little impact in the course of your study but when you add all of those little things, and then it becomes significant. Taking medical courses or those that in one way or another touch into the medical aspect is never an easy task. It is imperative that you take every possible measure in understanding concepts a whole lot easier and familiarizing yourself with these simple terms is one way of doing that.