Pirate and Ocean themes are eternaly popular and can be a great deal of fun to host, but sometimes the cake just isn't quiet enough servings for the RSVP list, and sometimes it's hard to find a cute favor that matches your theme. Making your own sugar cookies with cutout shapes like anchors, dolphins, pirate hats and sea shells is a fun, easy way to spruce up your party with beautiful favors and extras. 

Anchor Cookie Cutter
Credit: Treasures and Tiaras Kids Parties on flikr.com

Endless Options For Making Cute Cookies

Findind the right ship, shell or anchor cookie cutter is the first most important step in making cute cookies. Find a cutter without a lot of narrow sections or your cookies will be too fragile to remove from your cookie sheet or frost. 

Once you find the right shape cookie cutter you can start looking for the right recipes. A great sugar cookie recipe will use a lot of butter and vanilla and not a lot of flour. You'll work enough flour into the dough while rolling and shaping to make it taste like dust if you have too much flour in the recipe. 

Frosting is another story all together, you can go with a fluffy buttercream or a rich cream cheese frosting if you just want cute, yummy cookies, but if you're wanting a super fancy, finished look then you will want to find a "royal icing" or a nice glaze that will set up solid. A great tasting glaze recipe will have milk or cream instead of water and will have an extract added for flavoring. 

And lastly, you'll want to find garnishes. Candies come in all shapes and sizes and pearls, rocks and rope can be bought and used to garnish your cookies with a professional finish. 


Don't Forget the Paint!!

Edible food paints are an easy, super fun way to change things up. If you want to use a white icing and then paint designs on it, edible paints turn your cookies into palates that you can turn into anything you want. If all you want to do is to put a layer of sparkle over the colored icings that you used then they are good for that as well, or you can even paint your cookies with no icing on them at all.