First of all, I have to say that I love this show. I think it's a cool premise that maybe some of our history isn't what we think it was. I also think some valid points are made on the show and that its only ignorance that causes a lot of us to look down on these theories without giving them a chance first. That being said, there have been plenty of times that I have found myself yelling back to the tv that something said was ridiculous and rolling my eyes at some of the theories. Some times, they really come out of nowhere it seems. That's how I felt about much of season three. However, it's 2012 now and seeing that they started off season four with a show about the Maya was pretty cool. What wasn't as cool was seeing that their second episode was also about the Maya and then the realization that the show had moved from the history channel to History2. That means that the only way I can see the show is to wait for it to hit on demand on my cable or find it online.

 I managed to watch the most recent two episodes in the previously mentioned manner. The first was one which I could have sworn they'd already done in a previous season. It was about the "greys" or little gray aliens and supposed abductions. I'd already seen about fifty shows dedicated to that, but figured whatever, I'd still watch it. It was okay. There wasn't a lot I hadn't already heard or seen on other shows, but there was enough to keep my interest. Then, we got to episode four of the season. It was on mega disasters. Now, I'm fairly certain that this topic has been tackled in a previous episode from another season. I think they just titled it differently. This one was speculating on whether some of our greatest disasters in history were really natural or if they'd been caused artificially. The only thing that made it obvious that this was a new episode was that they talked about disasters from late last year. Again, it was interesting, but felt like a rehashing of what had come before. I still like this show a lot and I wish it had stayed on its original channel so that I could watch it easier, but it seems to be trending downward and that's sad to see. All I can say is that I hope they have more original content coming for the rest of the season. Even if you don't agree with all their theories, this is a fun show just to watch and it does something that I think other shows on similar networks don't, but should. Even though they usually think that aliens were involved somehow, this show gives ancient man more credit when it comes to their inteligence. The people who came before us weren't all idiots just like the people living today aren't all rocket scientists. Just watch a few reality shows and I'm sure you'll agree.