Well, season four is moving along at a decent pace so far. I was a bit concerned about too much rehashing of concepts from older shows with the first four episodes, but this one seems to deliver a bit more. These shows always seem to come down to what you believe, are willing to believe, or what your general level of entertainment in these types of things is. Still, I think that this was an entertaining premise whether true or not. And most importantly to me, it seemed fresh and new as compared with the first four episodes of the season so far.

Moving on, the overall point to this episode is as you can probably guess from the title, speculation as to what NASA does or doesn't know concerning extraterestrial life and it's potential interaction with Earth, the moon, and the human race in general. There were some pretty interesting things thrown out there in this episode. I'd have liked to have heard where some of the sources for certain claims were coming from. For example, it was said that one of the astronauts who first went to the moon was a free mason. And they said he even performed a masonic ritual while on the moon. If this is true, I'd find it very interesting and more than a little suspicious myself.

There were of course some rather outlandish sounding accusations as well. Some people claimed to know seemingly for a fact that there were artificially made structures on the dark side of the moon. I'm a bit skeptical on that one. They also said that the time and date of the moon landing coincided with lining up the moon with the constelation of Orion's belt. This would have all kinds of signifigance if you've been following the show and some of the point made thus far by the ancient alien theorists. It was also stated that there is a supposed way to contact alien life that has to do with that alignment. I don't know about all that, but again it was interesting to listen to. And that's really what this episode comes down to. It was interesting. It made me want to actually look up some of the "facts" presented on the show and see what I could find out for myself. There was one person who was said to be from NASA (at least at some point) who basically said that NASA knows all about alien life existing and they're puposely keeping it from us. Right away, I started thinking about this guy's standing with NASA, whether he ever really worked with them, how much intel he was really privy to, and if they were looking to hang him by his boot laces at this point. I've got to say though that this show had just about everything you'd want from it. If you like the show in general, you'll probably like this episode. I just would have liked to see a little more evidence. But wouldn't we all?